Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today's Strength Circuit

Hey everyone - here's my strength circuit for today. I burned more than I did last time I did it, but still didn't get any massive burns. I actually think that is strategic - I only have 1 rest day before my next workout instead of two, so I think this is designed to be a lighter workout. Makes more sense to me now...

Anyways, here's my workout from today, done circuit style, as fast as possible

Circuit One:
Wide-Grip Lat Pull Downs - 12 reps X 50lbs
Medium-Underhand Grip Pull Downs - 15 reps X 50lbs then held at mid-point for 30 seconds
Deadlifts - 10 X 40lbs
Hamstring Curls - 20 X 50lbs

Circuit Two:
Seated Cable Rows - 12 reps X "50" per side on Bowflex
Lateral Shoulder Raises - 10 reps X 5lbs each side
Lunges - 5 per leg
One-Leg Pelvic Thrusts - 20 reps per leg
Rock Star Jumps - 20 reps

Circuit Three:
Military Shoulder Press Prone on Body Ball - 10 X 5lbs each arm
Frog Kicks - 20 reps
Butt Kicks - One Minute

Circuit Four:
Crossover Lunges with Hammer Curls - 20 X 5lbs each arm
Bicep Curls - alternating arm with iso hold in between reps - 10 X 15lbs each
Bicycle Crunches - 25 reps
One Minute Jog in place

Circuit Five:
Rock Star Jumps - 20
Ball Crunches - 20 reps
Hanging Abs with a Twist - 15 per side

Total Time: 27 minutes
Total Cals Burned: 210

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