Thursday, August 19, 2010


So my running workouts are getting longer and longer - which is awesome! However, I've found that I can no longer fit them into my 30 min lunch break at work, so I'll be running outdoors from now on after work. Today I was really tired and didn't *feel* like going out and running in the 90+ degree southwestern heat, BUT I DID!!! I sucked it up and went out for my run and I feel AMAZING now! Today was my longest run yet!

I kept my pace a little slower than normal for a few reasons - first, I wanted to make sure my butt would get through 25 mins of straight running around my neighborhood (lots of evil gradual inclines!). Second, it was 90+ degrees out with minimal cloud cover at 345 in the afternoon - I wanted to make sure I didn't pass out from heat exhaustion! The first 13 minutes of the run were tough, and thankfully I made a great playlist that kept my feet going. Once I heard that "you're halfway there" chime on my phone, it was easier to get the motivation going! So the rest of the program from here is all distance running, no more intervals - so now I'll be working on building endurance and speed! Should be good times! Have a weigh in on Saturday - I hope to see some progress! That damn scale has been sitting pretty at around 172 for WAY too long!

Today's Workout:

Warm Up - 5 minutes Brisk Walk
Run for 25 minutes
Cool Down - 5 minutes Walking (back to the house!)
8 minutes of static stretching - my legs needed this!!

Total Time: 43 minutes
Total Distance: 2.62 miles
Total Calories Burned: 460
Average Pace: 4.3 MPH with top speed 5.7 MPH
Total Climb: 128 yards

Good times!! Now going to enjoy a workout day off tomorrow and get ready for another awesome workout week starting on Saturday! I've finished 2 weeks of Making the Cut and 6 weeks of C25K!! I LOVE IT!!!

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