Sunday, January 27, 2013

Biggest Loser Workout!!

So we've been doing great with our eating plan and the hubby and I are feeling fantastic!!This past weekend we ate out a few times, but we didn't let it ruin our nutrition! I've been between 1600 & 1700 everyday and I'm super proud of myself! We went shopping on Saturday and I got some super cute new clothes! I wore one of my new outfits today and my hubby said he thought I was totally hot in it!! If that isn't a self esteem booster, I don't know what is! haha!

My armband was having some issues syncing this morning so I'm not sure about an accurate step count, but I made up for it in my workout this evening (which is right up there ^^^^^^)

I watched "The Biggest Loser" on Hulu tonight and for the last hour of the show (its a 90 min show once you cut the commercials out) I hopped on my spin bike and totally rocked out a workout! I rode hard & fast while the show was airing and then during the ads (usually 2 commercials every 5-10 mins) I cranked up the resistance and stood up while pedaling. It was a fabulous workout & I was drenched at the end of it! My quads were absolutely killing me by the end of it!

Overall, it was a killer weekend! Already prepped my lunch for work tomorrow so I'm all ready to keep myself on track! Woot! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend too!

Friday, January 25, 2013


This is what about 10 mins on my spin bike looks to my armband (which I strapped to my calf)

I think I need to find ways to make this more "vigorous"

New Gadgets & Great Workouts!

Okay peeps - its time for an update! Nutrition has been spot on all week and I've lost the extra water weight from hubby's birthday weekend PLUS was down another pound this morning! Woot! Tonight we are going to a buddy's house for dinner which should be super fun and this weekend will be filled with lots of errands & more organizing of the house

Yesterday, I got my new armband in the mail (I'd ordered it last week but impatiently had to wait for it to ship!) and I LOVE it! It autosyncs with my nutrition tracker to update my calorie intake AND it syncs with an app on my phone so I can get a constant readout over the day of how I'm doing!

When I stopped wearing my Bugg last year, I found I lost a lot of motivation to keep moving - I really liked the digital encouragement to just move a little bit more to hit my goals....which is why I upgraded the armband & got this one! It does SO many things and I'm super stoked to see my progress with it. It doesn't base its calculations on body measurements like my Bugg used to - so that makes me a little nervous, but I'll give it a shot and see how it goes!

This morning at work, I decided to hit the treadmill on my first break and had a fun little interval workout:

Warm Up (i.e. walk from my desk to the gym)
Walk at 3.5 for 2 minutes
Run at 6.0 for 2 minutes
Walk at 3.5 for 2 minutes
Run at 5.5 for 2 minutes
Walk at 3.5 for 2 minutes
Run at 5.5 for 2 minutes
Walk at 3.5 for 2 minutes
Run at 5.5 for 2 minutes
Walk at 3.5 for 2 minutes
Run at 5.5 for 2 minutes
Cool Down (i.e. walk back to my desk)

Total Workout Time: 22 minutes
Total Distance: 1.53 miles

AND here's the fun part - I can upload screenshots of my workouts from my new armband!! KICK ASS! It records steps, calories burned, total activity, "vigorous" activity and total workout time AND I can set up playlists on my iPhone to play in conjunction with the app (but for now I've got my iPod and just listened to that instead)

I love it!

Sent from my iPhone

AND WOW - that's the first running I've done all year, so now I get to start my 2013 mileage tracker! EDIT: OKAY I LIED, I ran a mile about 3 weeks ago but just didn't post it anywhere, so I'm gonna add it to my tracker below now

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 2.53 miles

Monday, January 21, 2013

An Update From Me!

Okay - so here's a general update from me! Life has been SUPER busy and I haven't had a lot of time to do much of anything. This past weekend was my hubby's birthday - the old man turned 31! EEP! I took Thursday & Friday off work & we had a great time together! Thursday night we went out to a casino & stayed overnight. We ate at a fabulous tequila bar, won $90 in the casino playing slot machines & had a really relaxing evening being shacked up in our room - sometimes its just nice to get away, even if its just for a night!
Friday we ran around town & got a bunch of errands done. We're revamping our house so we spent the afternoon going to home improvement stores & furniture stores. We ended up picking up some fabulous new bookcases & a really cool wine rack! We also bought some red paint & painted a wall in our living room - its amazing how changing some paint color can totally jazz up a room!
Over the weekend, we hung out with both our families, rented some movies (Pitch Perfect was super fun, but Dredd could have been avoided), went to lunch at a great Brazillian grill & just enjoyed being lazy for a little bit (which only amounted to a few hours of laziness since we were SO busy the rest of the weekend but that's okay) I finished up 2 books over the past few days which puts me at 22 for the month so far - definitely on a good track for that!

Yesterday, I got my haircut & dyed it again since I was getting tired of the red that I'd dyed it around Christmas. I like the way it ended up & I think I'm gonna keep it this way for a while - see the pic below!
As far as health & nutrition goes, this weekend was crazy for food but I was only up about 2.5 pounds this morning from all the eating out we did, so I'm happy. Today is back on track with proper nutrition and it feels good! I'm sticking with a solid 1600 calories and am hoping this will be a good number for a while. We're getting ready to start training for our Warrior Dash in April - so lots of strength training and running will be in our future. We've got a 4-day a week plan that we are super excited about and should be starting the last week in January (would be sooner but I'm still waiting for the book to be shipped to me) We got a basics of the nutrition plan for it, so we're starting that this week & will add the workouts next week. It should be super fun & I can't wait to see what progress I can make in the next few weeks!
So I think that's it for now - here's a pic of my new hair & my new red wall that I took yesterday - other than that, have a great day peeps!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an AMAZING holiday season and are ready for a fabulous 2013!! My year had its ups and downs, but ultimately I'm happy where I ended up at the end of the year. I did a lot of things to be proud of in 2012:

~ I donated my hair to people fighting cancer - this was an ongoing goal from 2011 and was THRILLED when I could complete this in March 2012!
~ I completed a 12.5 mile race in October and look forward to my first 13.1 by the middle of this year
~ Though I put on some chub this year, I also gained over 20 pounds of muscle! This is a BIG win for me and now I'm working to get lean so I can see the muscle I built last year
~ We paid OFF my car (along with a ton of other debt)!! I couldn't be more thrilled with where we are financially
~ Completed 10,000 Kettlebell Swings in the month of February
~ I've learned to love myself a little more each day and I'm getting more comfortable in my own skin, regardless of its size
~ Hubby and I are stronger than we've ever been and we just recently celebrated our 6 year anniversary of when we started dating
~ I read over 301 books and 85,000 pages this year and can't wait to read more in 2013 (this was me accomplishing my "me time" resolution that I'd made this year and DAMN it helped me maintain my sanity!)
~ I ran the Warrior Dash (almost killed myself, but I did it!), the Dirty Dash, the Las Vegas Zombie run and the Farolito 5K this past year. I'd love to do more races this year if money allows for it! We've already registered for the 2013 Warrior Dash in April so that's a start!
~ Gained a better relationship with food & am back to tracking on myfitnesspal - but only to ensure I eat enough to not starve myself. I learned that my mental issues really have a HUGE impact on what I eat and how I feel, so working on fixing that is a HUGE goal for myself in 2013
~ I know I accomplished little things every day so I'm overall really happy with how 2012 ended!

So - that being said, what are my goals for 2013??

~ Continue to read for sanity - I love my books and can't wait to read (or re-read some favorites) in 2013
~ Set small & attainable goals - sometimes the grand scope of HUGE goals overwhelms me and I find I lack motivation to get started (or keep going)
~ Run a Half Marathon later this year - okay I know this isn't the "small & attainable" thing I was talking about, but this is the ultimate goal & I'll make little goals to get there :-)
~ Continue to get a better relationship with myself & food
~ Accomplish new & amazing things - I need to work on not being afraid to try something new even if there's the possibility that I might fail or might not be good at it :-)

I think that's about it - don't wanna overthink things too much! haha! I'll try to update more regularly than I did at the end of 2012, even if its just for accountability and no one actually reads this :-P