Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I finally got a lifting workout in! YAY!

Okay - so this past week has been a little crazy - its midterm time in school so I've got lots going on, but I've been really good at making time to workout this week :) 

Monday we all made it to the gym & did a kickboxing workout which felt really good. We ended up doing over 100 burpees and 400 high knees (while pressing dumbbells) over the course of the workout, so we got our butts kicked!

Yesterday, I forced myself to not be lazy after class & I did a lifting workout in the garage. It felt good, but I'm still experiencing pain in my left knee so some of the moves had to be modified. I did chair squats to ensure I was getting low enough on my squats and had to do elevated pushups because my knee didn't like the strain of holding plank

I know that I can lift heavier than this, but considering I haven't lifted in a while AND I have a knee injury, I kept the weights lighter than normal. Hopefully within a few weeks I'll be able to raise the weights back up

NROL Workout A:

Chair Squats: 15 X 45lbs, 15 X 45lbs
Static Lunges (slightly modified): 15 X 25lbs, 15 X 25lbs
2-Point DB Rows: 15 X 12.5lbs (each arm), 15 X 12.5
Elevated Push Ups: 15 reps for 2 sets
Swiss Ball Crunch: 20 reps X 25lbs, 20 reps X 25lbs

Overall not a bad little workout - took me about 45 mins. I'm still miffed about my knee & its lack of motion, but I figure I can keep modifying the workouts and I should be okay. Nutrition has been okay the past few weeks but weight has been steady & not moving downward so I'm hoping adding in the workouts will help. I changed back to an IF schedule since I find I sleep better if I don't eat heavy at night - so hopefully I'll start seeing some changes there

Today is a cardio day - either running or something else, not sure yet. Anyways, I'm just trying to get a balance between work, school, family time & working out. 

Hope you all have a great day! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OMG I Ran Again!!!

So after months of being unable to run, I decided to brave the treadmill today. With a heavy duty knee brace, I managed to keep the runs slow but steady! I'm so happy! I'm gonna stick with this workout for a few weeks just until I feel strong enough to progress safely, but until then I'll be happy to just run!!

All walks done at 3.0 and runs at 4.5 - slow but steady :)

Where the HELL have I been???

Oh lord its been a busy month!! I'm sorry that I totally just dropped off the face of the planet for a few weeks, but now I guess I'm WAY overdue for an update. I'm gonna give you the Cliff's Notes version because I don't want to type a novel :D 

~ School is taking up most of my life right now. I'm managing a full 18 credit hours (as well as a full time job, full time marriage & full time parent!) and all of my class grades are currently A's or B's. I've got a demanding workload this semester: Microbiology & the lab, Anatomy/Physiology & the lab, Analytical Writing, Interpersonal Communications & French 1. It took me about 6 weeks, but I finally feel like I'm finding a groove with all my class work 

~ my knee has hit a major speedbump. All the progress that I was seeing before - well, that's all I saw. It stalled in its healing and is about the same as the last time I was on here. I have visited an occupational therapist who agrees with the hyperextension diagnoses as well as a tear in my lower quad (which caused all the initial bruising). Currently, my new best friends are painful deep tissue massages (to break down scar tissue in my quad), RockTape to support it in my normal activities and an uber-heavy-duty knee brace to support it when I work out

here's a pic of my super sexy black skull RockTape support (and the inside of my car) - oh, and if you wanna make a comment about my pale white-ness, go ahead, I know its blinding but trust me - I've probably already heard it :P 

~ we've been working to overhaul our house. so far we've attacked the office (and made it a comic toy display room, yeah....we're nerds), the living room, the home gym in the garage, the master bedroom & the inside gym.

Okay - I think that's about as simple as I can make things. Overall, life is stupid busy, but we're finding a rhythm with it all. Workouts have been scarce due to my pesky knee & lack of free time, but overhauling of the house has allowed for some functional strength training :) 

Now that we don't feel like we're scrambling, we're able to incorporate workouts into our schedule. Nutrition hasn't been bad, but it hasn't been on point either. I've maintained my weight over the past few weeks (which I'm honestly happy about!) but am ready to get back on the losing streak. I'm gonna figure out a schedule of workouts that will be able to fit into everything else. Right now, I'm working out whenever I can, but I need something a little more solid than that

Given how busy things are, I'll hopefully get updated progress pics and measurements up in the next 2 weeks or so *fingers crossed!* my wedding anniversary is coming up next week, so I might be a little busy, but I'll do my best to get them up ASAP :) 

OH - and I realized that I haven't posted a pic of myself on here in a while! So here's a recent pic of me with a friend - we went to Chippendale's & oogled the pretty men all night (I'm the one in the red top on the left)

Okay, that's about it for me! Have a great day everyone!