Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Food = Happy Self!

Okay - I know I've been scarce recently but I've got a lot going on. School is giving me a hassle about continuing with the program I've selected there, so I'm actually in the process of transferring to another school. Meaning I've got to have admissions interviews, transfer transcripts, prepare to take placement exams, take prior mentioned placement exams (which is on the 16th), etc - on top of my already crazy busy life of working full time, managing 18 credit hours and keeping up with my family. Needless to say, workouts haven't really happened.

BUT - hubby and I have totally overhauled our food and we feel amazing! Right now, we're on day 2 of a nutritional detox and we feel really really good. Yesterday, day one - we felt a little junky, foggy & slow most of the day. But today, I am feeling super good & have boundless energy today which is awesome!

Now - before ya'll get on my case about "detoxes are bad for you & you're starving yourself for days for no reason!" - let me show you something.....

You see this....yes....ALL this.....In case you can't see it well, let me further explain. This is HALF of my kitchen counter and its filled (from left to right) with a flat of tomatoes, chamomile tea, organic baby kale, celery, lemons, french green beans, organic carrots, avocados, alfalfa sprouts, chia seeds, toasted sesame seeds, raw almonds, fresh parsley, cilantro, 2 packages of nori, unsweetened almond milk, 8 zucchini, 10 cucumbers, tamari sauce, fresh ginger, garlic, raw honey, apples, and some random other stuffs

Okay - now that I've explained how much food we have...let me tell you that this is enough food to feed my hubby and I 6 times a day for 6 days!! Trust me....we are FAR from starving!! In this case, the word "detox" is mainly meant to be a removal of overly processed foods & unnecessary sugars from the diet - and not some evil diuretic diet that could potentially harm us. 

Back to the original point - basically, we've made the shift to an 80% plant based diet, with the other 20% allowed for higher quality meats & dairy products. We both feel amazing and not deprived at all! In fact, last night it was almost a push for us to eat everything that we needed to before going to bed. I dropped 2 pounds overnight and feel really good today. My skin is already starting to look smoother/clearer & my hair is super soft today. Hubby is adjusting as well and is feeling better today than he was yesterday. 

My other test was making sure that we could maintain this diet/lifestyle change on the current budget we have. All of this food (trust me, it filled BOTH of our fridges!) cost about $100 (but I had to buy some one time things too)...so ultimately that's pretty good for a week's worth of food. We usually spend about $80 a week on food, so I think its all gonna balance out well. 

Anyways, that's about it for me. I'll update sometime this week with more information about how our new foods are treating us - but overall, we feel amazing and we're definitely gonna stick with it! I hope you all have a great day! I'll try to remember tonight & tomorrow to take pics of what I'm eating. I've totally spaced it so far, but I'll do my best to remember :-)