Thursday, February 28, 2013


OY - so its been a crazy hectic week - hopefully things will calm down soon! My body is super tired and I've been sleeping like sh* needless to say I'm ready for a relaxing weekend! I'm gearing up for the last 5 weeks of my After School kids, our vacation coming up soon (my new dress will be delivered next week for it! Woot!) registering for summer classes & wrapping up this semester while still working my day job. Life is definitely crazy! EEP!

Today was a running day and I had a blast! However, my workouts are getting longer and they are harder to fit into my lunch break *sad face* I don't think I'll be able to maintain my runs at work for much longer so I'll have to start fitting them in before or after work. I'll make it happen :-)

Today was: Warm Up, 5 min Run at 5.0, 3 min Walk at 3.5, 8 min Run at 5.0, 3 min walk at 3.5, 5 min run (started at 5.0 and last 1:45 at 6.0!), Cool Down

Today I felt good - I felt stronger and that I could push harder today (thus the 6.0 interval) - it was amazing! I just finished about 30 mins ago and I'm already ready to hit the treadmill again! Woot! I've got a class after work today so I've got another workout in my future already! Good times indeed!

Total Time: 36 minutes
Total Calories Burned: 415 Cals
Total Distance: 2 miles
Total Steps: 4257

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 21.81 miles

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Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey everyone! Happy Monday!! Sorry about the brief blog earlier, but I wanted to get that updated before my run today.

So now I have time for an *actual* update! Our weekend was totally awesome! We went out to dinner at a Brazillian grill (meat on sticks!) on Friday night as a date and kept nutrition in line all weekend! Go us! I'm feeling really good and my weight is the lowest that its been in months! Progress is always a good thing!

Saturday we went out and ran some errands - we swung by our comic book shop & got our most recent issues from our box & went to Big 5 and splurged on new yoga mats. We got super squishy ones that are totally awesome. Downside is that they are harder to balance on, but that will train our muscles to work harder :-)

Sunday morning we got up and did about 40 mins of yoga (on our new mats! woot!) and then we made some turkey sausage & peppers for an early lunch, which was damn good. After that we went shopping and I got a new pair of jeans and a fabulous new dress! It was definitely good times! I'll try to get a pic of the new dress sometime this week!

Today's run was totally fabulous! It was my first longer interval so I was a little nervous but excited as well. I really love running and today was perfect! I put on some great music and totally rocked out! I was comfortable the whole time and didn't feel strained at all, which was awesome. Just goes to show how proper training can get you ready for anything!

Warm Up, Run for 20 mins (straight no stopping!) at 5.0, Cool Down

Total Time: 27 minutes
Total Distance: 1.80 miles
Total Calories Burned: 370
Total Steps Taken: 3727

Today after work, I've got some errands to run and then its home to make dinner! Tonight I'm going to make a Red Pineapple Curry (YUM!) I'll be sure to take pictures! *fingers crossed it turns out as yummy as my green curry did!*

In other news before I go, hubby and I are planning to get new tattoos soon! Woot!! Its been so long since either of us have gotten new ink (over a year and a half for me!) that hopefully we'll be able to get something done! A friend of ours just started his own tattoo business, so we might go and check out his set-up soon! We might have to wait until after our vacation, but either way its gonna be awesome!

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 19.81 miles

Saturday's Workout - a little delayed

Hey everyone! This is gonna be a brief update because I'll type a longer one after my run later. This is the information from my run on Saturday morning before class - was a busy ass weekend and I didn't find the time to do this sooner!

Workout was W5D2 - Warm Up, Run for 8 minutes at 5.0, Walk for 5 minutes at 3.5, Run for 8 minutes at 5.0 MPH, Cool Down

It was a fabulous run and I definitely enjoyed it!

Total Workout Time: 34 minutes
Total Calories Burned: no idea - digital display information is at home
Total Distance: 2.2 miles

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 18.01 miles

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Its Greased Lightning!!!!

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great week!! I'm having a good one, but its been LOOOOONNNGGGG!!! It always seems that the shorter weeks (where we get a day off) are always longer than the full 5 day work weeks.....wonder why that is??

Anyways, been sticking with just my After School classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and still got a good burn & activity level from my armband. I'm working on getting some water weight off but overall I'm feeling really good.

Today is a running day and honestly - I didn't want to do it. The weather is gloomy, I'm feeling tired & the only thing I wanna do is curl up with my book. BUT I didn't let myself do that - instead I made a new playlist on my IPOD just for this workout and totally rocked it out! I feel SOO good now that the workout is done!!

Today's workout was Warm Up, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0 MPH, Walk for 3 minutes at 3.5 MPH, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0, Walk for 3 minutes at 3.5, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0, Cool Down and I loved every minute of it! Though I think I might have some new blisters on my feet, I'm not discouraged at all. I felt the hotspots start in the middle of my run but I didn't want to stop running.

Honestly - all the music was amazing, but when THIS song came on with only 90 seconds left of my last interval I was totally dancing on the treadmill and absolutely enjoying myself! haha! I love this movie SO much and who would have thought that this was such a great running song?!?!!

Total Workout Time: 26 minutes
Total Calorie Burn (from Digital Display): 325 Calories
Total Distance: 1.75 miles

Okay, I think that's about it for me. I've got one After School class after work today which is gonna be awesome! Definitely looking forward to payday tomorrow & the upcoming weekend! I'm a little sleep deprived this week so any chance I can get to sleep in is always appreciated!

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 15.81 miles

Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday Goodies!

Hey peeps!! Happy 3-Day weekend day (aka President's Day!) Its nice having an extra day off with the hubby!! 

So let's last update was Saturday morning after my run. Once we were showered & dressed, we ran around town to do some errands. We got the hubby new dress shoes (which are totally fabulous) and met my mom & stepdad for a fabulous Valentine's dinner at the Melting Pot! EEP! I was really good and IF-ed through the day so I wouldn't have to worry about calories at dinner :-)

I know I promised pics, but by the time food came around I was really hungry so I totally forgot - but I promise it was really pretty and REALLY yummy! haha! We had a chocolate peanut butter snickerdoodle fondue for dessert and it was AMAZING!

Yesterday we got up and did a 45 min yoga workout which was SO nice! Hubby is just getting into it, but I really think he was surprised at how good of a workout it was! After that, we went around town looking for new dress shoes for me as well. We found a couple options and ordered them so hopefully they'll be in before our trip! We went to Firehouse for sammiches for lunch too! I love that place! SO yummy AND easily fits in my calorie range for the day!! 

Okay - I need to stop talking about food now....I haven't eaten breakfast and my tummy is grumbly! hehe! Hubby is doing his treadmill workout now so that's why I've got the time to update :-)

I woke up at about 615am and knocked out my running workout early again today. I really love early morning runs on an empty stomach. I just feel SO much better when I do! I just put on the MP3 player and the 5 min runs were much easier than at the beginning of the week! Its amazing to see that kind of progress in such a short amount of time :-)

Workout Song of the Day!

Okay, now that we've got the tunes - here's the workout. Same as Saturday morning - Warm Up, Run for 3 minutes at 5.0, Walk for 90 seconds, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0, Walk for 2.5 minutes, Run for 3 minutes at 5.0, Walk for 90 seconds, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0, Cool Down. All of my walking intervals were between 3.0 and 3.5 MPH. 

Workout Info (from Digital Display)
Total Calories Burned: 450 cals
Total Steps Taken: 4341
Total Workout Time: 44 mins (32 mins running and 12 min stretch out)

Thankfully my DOMS has gone away and now I'm feeling good! Today's plan, go grab some breakfast once hubby is done working out....other than that, I have no idea what we're gonna do today :-P

Have a great 3 day weekend everyone! And simply because I'm in a H.I.M. mood, have some more tunes to rock out to :-D

Now I shall be dancing around the house all day! :-) I don't know why, but the lead singer for this band totally reminds me of a rockstar version of the Mad Hatter and I love it! haha! Have a rockin' day everyone! 

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 14.06 miles

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! I hope you all are super excited about the holiday weekend!! I get Monday off work, so I'm super stoked about the 3-Day weekend! Yippee!! Hubby and I are going to a fabulous post-Valentine dinner tonight and I'm definitely excited about it! I'll be sure to take pics of our food! I'm currently doing IF for the day so that I don't have to worry about my calorie intake tonight - because I'm totally going to indulge! hehe! 

Just like last weekend, I woke up at 6am (on a Saturday!) to get my run done before I went to class. I was still SUPER sore from my kettlebell/running workouts earlier in the week, so I took yesterday as an unexpected rest day. Today I got back on track and completed W4D2 of C25K. Since I was still sore, I took my running intervals a little slower today, but the workout still got done - which is what matters :-)

Today's workout was: Warm Up, Run for 3 minutes at 5.0, Walk for 90 seconds, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0, Walk for 2.5 minutes, Run for 3 minutes at 5.0, Walk for 90 seconds, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0, Cool Down. All of my walking intervals were between 3.0 and 3.5 MPH. 

Though it was tough to find the motivation to get out of bed at 6am on a Saturday - I felt really good once this workout was done :-)

Workout Info (from Digital Display)
Total Calories Burned: 375 cals
Total Steps Taken: 3922
Total Workout Time: 33 mins

Now is time to get ready for dinner out! Hope you all have an awesome day! Tomorrow's workout - yoga and deep stretch session to get rid of this DOMS :-)

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 11.86 miles

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous Valentine's Day!!! Its been an awesome day so far for me! Yesterday, I got a killer Kettlebell workout done & went to an unexpected dinner with my mommy since she was in town! We went to Flying Star after my classes and I totally couldn't pass up on the desserts (its FLYING STAR!) so I got a fabulous bread pudding & kept everything within my calorie goal! Woot!

After the workout yesterday, I had some fabulous DOMS this morning so I've been walking around like an old lady! BUT - I've been walking in style! haha!! I've been looking for black, red & skull Doc Martens for YEARS and I finally found a pair!! My fabulous hubby got them for me for Valentine's Day!! Yippee!! I absolutely love them!!! I'm still working on breaking them in, but I think these are the best boots EVER!

So - for lunch today, I swapped the Docs for my running sneakers & hit the treadmill. I've been doing a really good job at my plan of Thursday, Saturday, Monday running, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday something else training plan and I didn't want to get sidetracked today with all the chocolate & goodies flying around (though I've ignored ALL of them!)

Today's running workout stepped it up a notch from last week and I did W4D1's workout: Warm Up, Jog for 3 minutes at 5.5 MPH, Walk for 90 Seconds at 3.5, Run for 5 minutes at 5.5, Walk for 2.5 minutes at 3.5, Jog for 3 minutes at 5.5 MPH, Walk for 90 Seconds at 3.5, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0, Cool Down. Those 5 minute intervals were brutal!! Especially since I was SO sore from yesterday! Thankfully the movement will help get all that junk out of my muscles and I'll be feeling good again soon!

Total Cals Burned (according to digital display): 356 Cals
Total Steps Taken: 3513
Total Workout Time: 28 minutes

Anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day! I'm gonna strut around in my new shoes at work then the hubby and I have planned a fabulous night in! We are going out for dinner on Saturday, so tonight is take out dinner & Hulu TV shows (which sounds AMAZING to me! haha!)

OH - and Deanna - for some reason I can never respond to your comments, so I'm just gonna reply here! YAY for your interval training!! That sounds super fun! That's similar to what I'm doing and I can totally see it improving distance running abilities!! I'll just be happy when I can run a 10K on a consistent basis, that's my goal for the time being :-)

And I will try to take a picture of my hair in natural lighting, the weather has been SO nasty & windy here that I'm barely outside and if I am my hair is pulled back :-P

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 9.69 miles

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I totally did! I ate some amazing food & got to spend time with some of my favorite people! On Saturday (after my fabulous run & class) I met up with one of my best friends for lunch at a tiny little French restaurant. I'd never been there before but OMG it was amazing!

I had a goat cheese, sundried tomato & pesto panini sammich with a salad. Theoretically healthy, but it doesn't help that I ate my bodyweight in homemade french bread & drank lovely amounts of wine :-P

My friend got a bowl of steamed mussels in a blue cheese wine sauce that was amazing! And for dessert we split a chocolate mousse! Needless to say, neither of us were worried about calorie counts for the day! hehe!

After our fabulous lunch, I headed home & the hubby and I caught up on "Glee" on Hulu and relaxed together. It was super nice!

Sunday, we went to Firehouse for sammiches for lunch and ran some errands around town. For dinner, I made us a homemade green chicken curry and it was AMAZING! It came to only 208 calories a serving (not including rice) and it was super yummy! Thankfully the recipe made a TON of food, so I've got lunches for the next few days covered! Woot!

So after my calorie fiasco on Saturday, I was back on track yesterday and really wasn't up any excess weight from the weekend (go me!) Now I'm just allowing myself to get back into the groove of eating well & working out and I'm loving every minute of it!

Today was a running day, so I hit the treadmill on lunch & had a fun little workout. My left knee totally tweaked out so I'm thinking I'll wear my brace the next time I run, just to see if it helps. Today was the last day of Week 3 - so Warm Up, 90 Seconds run at 5.5, Walk at 3.5 for 90 seconds, 3 minutes run at 5.5, walk for 3 minutes at 3.5 then repeat & cool down. I was a little short on time, so I couldn't get the full cooldown time & my distance wasn't as far as the last workout, but overall it was a great time! Can't wait to start Week 4 on Thursday!

I think that's about it for me, tomorrow is a strength training workout of some sort & my 2 After School classes. Definitely good times! Hope you all have a great day!

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 7.88 miles

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hey peeps! Happy Saturday!! So since I've got class today at 830am (across town) and I've got plans for the rest of the day, my happy self woke up at 530am to get my running workout done BEFORE I went to class! Yippee!! Since its still dark outside, I ran on the treadmill inside and it was awesome.  I definitely enjoyed myself!

Today's run was the same as Thursdays - Warm Up, Run at 5.5 for 90 Seconds, walk for 90 seconds at 3.5, Run for 3 minutes at 5.5, Walk for 3 minutes at 3.5 then repeat the whole thing before cooling down. It was good times! I also noticed that running is much easier (and I feel WAY better) when I run on an empty stomach. If only I could get myself out of bed at 230am on workdays to get a workout in....but that's just WAY too early for me

Here's my screenshot of my running app on the phone & of the distance on the treadmill when I was done. Now I gotta jump in the shower because I'm totally yucky & gross right now. 

Have a great day everyone!

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 6.38 miles

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Running goodies & new armbands!

Alrighty peeps, here's an update. My fabulous new armband that I got about 2 weeks ago....well it was totally defective. It worked for about 24 hours in a 4 day period so I got cranky & shipped it back. I decided that I wasn't going to use the Bluetooth armband anymore because it just seemed like more hassle than it was worth (and based on online reviews other people have similar issues)

So - I shipped it back & ordered the regular Bluetooth, no gadgets...just an armband & a digital display. It still syncs with myfitnesspal for my food & EarndIt, so I'm happy with that. It was delivered last night and I'm already thrilled with how its working. It connected to sync right away with no issues at all. Its not the same size as the last one so I can't use my fun colored armbands anymore, but that's okay. As long as it works, I'm happy - and so far its working, so I'm thrilled!

I have set my goals pretty high this time around. I really want to get some of this squish off and start feeling good again. Before I got the armband, I managed to drop about 6lbs of excess holiday weight and I've kept it off, so I'm happy about that. I've got something to get excited & motivated for this time around - I won a vacation from my day job for being the top rep in the nation! Woot! I worked my tail off this year for it (and I've won the vacation before a few years ago too) so the hubby and I are getting an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas in April! Yippee!!! I'm so excited!!!

SO - that being said, lots of motivation to feel good in my skin. I've come up with a training plan that will work around my current classes. Since I'm teaching my After School kids on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - my running days are going to be Thursday, Saturday & Monday. The other days of the week, I'll do another type of workout - just anything to keep entertained....lifting, kettlebells, spinning, a DVD workout...whatever strikes my fancy. That way, I will keep myself from getting bored since I can do whatever I want. I'm happy with this plan. I'm going to try to get some movement every day, but I'll take Sunday off of vigorous activity as a rest day - meaning I'll walk like crazy (like I usually do) but probably no structured workouts on Sundays.

Since today is Thursday - its a running day & I was able to get the workout done while I was at work today. Here's a screenshot of the workout (ran through an app on my phone) but basically it was a 5 min warmup walk, run for 90 seconds at 5.5 MPH, walk for 90 seconds at 3.5, run for 3 minutes at 5.5 MPH, walk for 3 minutes at 3.5 - then repeat pattern & cooldown for 5 minutes. It was a good little workout.

 I wanted to ease back into running & get myself back to the point where I can run a 5K before we go on vacation. Continuing with this plan, I should be back up to the 5K distance within 6 or 7 weeks, so I'm super happy about that

Here's a pic of the treadmill when I was done. 1.91 miles covered in 28 mins, not too shabby! I feel really good & can't wait to get back into it!

In other news, classes have started again for this semester, so I'm currently working a full time job, teaching my after school kids & going back to college classes - its taking a lot of discipline to keep everything in line, but I'm doing really well at it!! Life is definitely good!! Hope things are good with everyone else!

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 4.44 miles