Thursday, February 21, 2013

Its Greased Lightning!!!!

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great week!! I'm having a good one, but its been LOOOOONNNGGGG!!! It always seems that the shorter weeks (where we get a day off) are always longer than the full 5 day work weeks.....wonder why that is??

Anyways, been sticking with just my After School classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and still got a good burn & activity level from my armband. I'm working on getting some water weight off but overall I'm feeling really good.

Today is a running day and honestly - I didn't want to do it. The weather is gloomy, I'm feeling tired & the only thing I wanna do is curl up with my book. BUT I didn't let myself do that - instead I made a new playlist on my IPOD just for this workout and totally rocked it out! I feel SOO good now that the workout is done!!

Today's workout was Warm Up, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0 MPH, Walk for 3 minutes at 3.5 MPH, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0, Walk for 3 minutes at 3.5, Run for 5 minutes at 5.0, Cool Down and I loved every minute of it! Though I think I might have some new blisters on my feet, I'm not discouraged at all. I felt the hotspots start in the middle of my run but I didn't want to stop running.

Honestly - all the music was amazing, but when THIS song came on with only 90 seconds left of my last interval I was totally dancing on the treadmill and absolutely enjoying myself! haha! I love this movie SO much and who would have thought that this was such a great running song?!?!!

Total Workout Time: 26 minutes
Total Calorie Burn (from Digital Display): 325 Calories
Total Distance: 1.75 miles

Okay, I think that's about it for me. I've got one After School class after work today which is gonna be awesome! Definitely looking forward to payday tomorrow & the upcoming weekend! I'm a little sleep deprived this week so any chance I can get to sleep in is always appreciated!

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 15.81 miles

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