Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hey peeps! Happy Saturday!! So since I've got class today at 830am (across town) and I've got plans for the rest of the day, my happy self woke up at 530am to get my running workout done BEFORE I went to class! Yippee!! Since its still dark outside, I ran on the treadmill inside and it was awesome.  I definitely enjoyed myself!

Today's run was the same as Thursdays - Warm Up, Run at 5.5 for 90 Seconds, walk for 90 seconds at 3.5, Run for 3 minutes at 5.5, Walk for 3 minutes at 3.5 then repeat the whole thing before cooling down. It was good times! I also noticed that running is much easier (and I feel WAY better) when I run on an empty stomach. If only I could get myself out of bed at 230am on workdays to get a workout in....but that's just WAY too early for me

Here's my screenshot of my running app on the phone & of the distance on the treadmill when I was done. Now I gotta jump in the shower because I'm totally yucky & gross right now. 

Have a great day everyone!

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 6.38 miles

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  1. Hey, cool, that looks like a variation on the running I'm doing! My trainer is holding a Tough Mudder training class every Sunday, and all we do is sprint up hills. Then during the week I try to get in one or two interval workouts and one time trial.

    Last time, the intervals were 30 second of running, 90 seconds of rest. This time around, they should be 30/60.

    He had me on a half-marathon running plan that involved a 0.25 mile and 0.5 mile time trial one week, 0.5 and 1 mile the next week, and 1 and 2 mile the third week, with my only long run on the 4th week. After that, I began the marathon training plan, which was the same except the first week was a 1 and 2 mile trial, the second week was a 2 and 4 mile trial, the third week was a single 6 mile trial, and the fourth week was a very long run.

    A few weeks ago, I said, you know, I really hate this long-time-trials thing. Could I get similar results by doing more short-distance trials? He said yes. I don't even really need to put in that many miles each week, but I decided it was probably in my best interest, so I started a new set of time trials: 8 sets of 0.25 miles one week, 6 sets of 0.5 miles the next week, and 4 sets of one mile the third week, followed by a long run. I already like it so much better!

    In a couple weeks, I'll need to either find myself a marathon to run or run one on my own. If this weather keeps up, though, I might just have to keep training indoors and wait for spring. Blizzards aren't exactly runner-friendly!