Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Marathon To Christmas - Mile 2

So I got my 2nd run of my Marathon to Christmas in just a few minutes ago! I pushed myself a little faster and finished 7 seconds better than yesterday! Its not much, but its an improvement! I remembered to bring my HRM today, so I have a more accurate calorie burn for my runs too! Woot!

Now that I'm wearing my BodyBugg too, I noticed that yesterday my calorie burn was HUGE (like 400 more calories!) simply because of the little 15 minute boost I got from running! It was amazing and just reinforces one of the many reasons why I enjoy running so much - its one of the only things that I can push myself as hard as I can and get an amazing calorie burn that keeps my metabolism pumping all day!

Didn't get a Zumba workout in yesterday, but am hoping to today. The weather has been REALLY cold here and I have been struggling to stay warm - but working out regularly seems to do the trick. I have clients coming tonight, so hopefully I can find some time to get a Zumba DVD in - even if its only the 20 min one!

My Marathon To Christmas - Mile 2
Total Time: 11:45
Total Calories Burned: 161
Speed: 5.0 MPH-6.0 MPH on treadmill

Monday, November 29, 2010

LONG Overdue Update!!!

Wow - its been over a month since I updated this thing! Woops! haha! Been busy, but in a good way! Started teaching classes at Rhino's Gym in Albuquerque which has been an amazing experience! Getting myself trained up for Zumba certification on December 17th and came up with a great plan to stay in shape between now and Christmas.

Initially it started out as the "24 Miles of Christmas" - where I would walk, jog or run 1 mile each day from December 1st through Christmas. However, I was so antsy to get it started, that I started it today - which will add an extra 2 miles to the overall plan - so thus "My Marathon to Christmas" plan was created! I am going to keep my Zumba workouts up, but I figured that any extra movement, even if its only 15 minutes a day, is better than nothing!

Got today's mile in during my lunch break at work - with NO stopping to walk! Not too shabby for someone who hasn't ran in a few months! Woot! I'm really looking forward to my run tomorrow and am going to try to get a Zumba workout in when I get home today as well!

My Marathon to Christmas - Mile 1
Time: 11:52
Speed: 5.0-5.5 MPH on Treadmill
Total Calorie Burn: 125 (off Treadmill since I wasn't wearing HRM, but its usually close)

Hope things are well with everyone and I will keep this thing updated with my daily runs. I'm hoping to maybe get myself up to a sub 10 minute mile by the end of this thing - that would be amazing! We'll just have to see how it goes!