Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh Sweet Baby Jeebus!

So I had some time between classes today & went to the gym to kill time. I was planning on doing treadmill, weights, etc type stuff. Well, little did I know there was a conditioning class that started at 10am & I got talked into it!

I've never done a conditioning class before & it definitely kicked my ass!

Here's the workout. Basic concept, 50-40-30-20-10 of both exercises in line 1 before you go to line 2 and continue...for an hour...non-stop! I managed to get through the dive bombers set before the time was up. Considering those that got the farthest hit the star jacks, I'd say I did pretty well today!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

I had fun with the camera today!

Okay peeps, so I had some fun with the camera today - I am noticing some new separation & definition with my biceps and I tried to get some pics of it and ended up playing around with photobucket for a little while. But basically - here's what I saw...note the awesome red arrow! haha!
 photo 5d0707f2-1c21-40aa-90b0-1f1058a5ab46_zpse982307b.jpg
Overall, I think I got some fun pics & I'm gonna post them too!
 photo 02bc67e0-3596-4ca5-a8c4-f21885f43ee0_zps1ede1f6d.jpg

 I absolutely love my shirt! YAY!
 photo 64eb1a53-835c-4154-92e0-32f6917f3a97_zps8f46467b.jpg

Okay, that's enough effing around with the computer. I've got a psychology test today I gotta get ready for


OH - and because I think its f*cking amazing when someone combines bagpipes, leather kilts, mohawks, tattoos, fire & AC/DC...I'm posting this here too! Take 2 mins of your day to enjoy all the badasserythat this Australian guy oozes!

Happy Friday Peeps!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Date Night!!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!! We totally did! Last night, the kiddo had a sleepover with some friends, so the hubby took me out on a fabulous date night! Once I got out of class (chemistry! yuck!) he took me to a local amusement park! We rode roller coasters, log rides, the giant swinging Viking ship thingy and had a marvelous time! I even splurged and got a hot fudge sundae made with orange ice cream - it was divine!!! Here's some pics from our adventure!

Me being smiley!

 My fabulous hubby!

 Here I am sitting on a bench while hubby was in line for another roller coaster - Yes, I was a pansy :-P

Us being silly - and yes, I'm totally rockin' my Goonies t-shirt!! haha! Never say die!!!!

 After the amusement park, he took me to a fabulous dinner at a local Japanese restaurant that we love! We shared 3 sushi rolls that were SUPER yummy! We also shared a teppan filet and chicken combo and we had a blast! They had Stella on tap so we had a few of those too and boy were they great!

 All in all, we had a fabulous night! It means a lot to us to be able to get out and spend time with each other as a couple! After a solid night's sleep, we rolled out of bed this morning & headed to the gym. Eric, our trainer this morning, totally whopped our butts! My quads were SO sore after class! haha! We went to a great lunch at the Asian buffet (best place to get nothing but meat & veggies!) and we walked around the mall! I got a super cute new bikini from Old Navy & I'll post pics of it later this week! The hubby got new shorts and I was so proud of him - they are a size 32!!! He has been doing such an amazing job!! 

After we picked up the kiddo, we got salads from Dion's for dinner & now are totally being lazy watching old episodes of the Biggest Loser on Hulu - the kiddo absolutely loves that show! I'm looking forward to a fabulous week starting tomorrow but for now, its time to be a lazy ass :-P

Good night everyone!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Time for a Progress Update!!

Hey everyone! Its been a while since I've posted any actual progress updates, so I figured it was about time! I've been working hard at the gym, but not really seen much movement on the scale which can be super frustrating. Today, I took pics & measurements and was super happy with what it showed! In a month, I've lost 12.5 inches from all around and about 6 pounds in total (though some of that was probably water)!

I'm seeing muscle definition where I didn't have any before and I'm getting stronger in my workouts! Those evil burpees are paying off! I'm happy to see progress in my workouts and I look forward to each and every class!!

Okay, so here's the pics - the ones on the left were taken sometime in late February/early March - they were obviously pre-peacock tattoo on my bicep, but I don't remember the exact date. The ones on the right were taken this morning - I'm really pleased with the differences I'm seeing! My tummy looks flatter & leaner from all angles!

OH - and I'm totally sporting my new bodyrock bra & shorts in today's pics! I absolutely love their clothes and totally plan on stocking up on more soon! And yes, I do have a Thor case on my iPhone, just in case you're wondering! And I'm not gonna post my weight since you all probably won't believe it anyways - I'm one of those women who looks a lot smaller than the scale actually says she is....and honestly, I'm not really caring about the number anymore, I just focus on how I'm feeling overall and how my clothes are fitting

 Left Side:

 Right Side:

 Back Pic:

So overall, I'm seeing lots of progress & I think I need to be patient - changes are coming even if they aren't as fast as I want them to be. Our new gym is amazing and we've made lots of new friends. One of the trainers there is gonna work with me on nutrition, so I'm totally stoked about that. I've adjusted everything I can in my nutrition but sometimes its a struggle to drop weight - even when I'm consistently at 1600 cals for months - so hopefully he'll be able to help me out!

Today is gonna be a fun day! I took off work and the hubby is working a half day. We are gonna head to the gym for the noon boxing class today so I'm super excited! After that, we're meeting a friend for lunch at a new place that just opened up - I'm looking forward to it! I'll take pics if I'm not absolutely ravenous! hehe! Then this afternoon we are all heading to the Albuquerque Comic Expo for some fun times! Maybe we'll get some fabulous new artwork for the house and I know the kiddo is gonna have a fabulous time!

In other news, the semester is about halfway over and classes are going well! My current grades are a 100% in Nutrition, a 96% in Chemistry, A in Chem Lab, B in Biology, A in Bio Lab and an 88% in Psychology. I've got a full plate this term, but I think I'm handling the workload well! I'm managing to juggle the full time job, 14 credits at school, 5 workouts a week at the gym, spending time with my amazing hubby and the great kiddo AND managing to keep up my sleep schedule! I'm also keeping up with my personal reading which helps maintain my sanity - I'm at 191 books so far this year! Woot! Overall I'd say things are going well!

I think that's about it for me! I've gotta go pack my gym bag so I've got clothes to wear after the workout & get ready to the gym! Hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Holy Hell!!!

Ran through this beast twice!! Oh - and this was just the warm up!!! We still did 40 mins of boxing & abs AFTER this!! I kinda feel like a bad ass today :-)

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where the Hell Have I Been???

Hey peeps,

I know I haven't posted in a few months & I'm sorry about that. Life has been super busy, but super rewarding as well! The last real post I made was in April & I showed you all my new peacock tattoo! Well he's finished & I love him! I got the colors to really pop and added some flowers (in the same style as my backpiece) around him. Maybe I'll try to sneak a picture later today & upload it. I also have plans for my left bicep, I just need to get some free time to sit down with my artist & plan it out!

I ended my Spring semester at a 4.0 GPA and am now taking 14 credits over the summer so I've been super busy. I'm in classes Tuesday-Thursday nights and almost all day Saturday but its going to be worth it. I'm working towards a double degree right now and its gonna be really rewarding once I finish. I am thinking I can finish the first one within 2 semesters and the other won't be too much longer after that! Lots of good things to come!

In addition to school, I'm still working full time as well. Gotta love those regular paychecks! The hubby and I are working to get debt paid off little by little and things are going well. We've also got the kiddo here for the summer - so both of us are in total "parent mode" which is super fun.

About 6 weeks ago, the hubby and I joined a new gym and we absolutely LOVE it!!! The environment is amazing & the classes are all taught by professional fighters so we're learning a lot!!! I'm totally loving it! Right now, with school I'm managing to go 4 days a week and then 1 hot yoga class on Wednesdays. So, honestly 5 workouts a week along with a full time day job and 14 credit hours of school - I'd say that's pretty darn impressive! And we got the kiddo a membership too so he's coming to class with us as well! Its super fun!

These workouts are amazing - I've gone from kinda out of shape to being able to do 15 full on-my-toes pushups in about 6 weeks. They're butt kickers & I love every minute of it!! I actually look forward to going to the gym every day & that's a rare thing to say! Its become as much of a priority as everything else in life & there's no way I'd make excuses to miss a workout!

The hubby and I have totally overhauled our nutrition. My weight has been pretty stable since January, but I'm ready to start cutting down on the extra chub that I've got going on. So a few weeks ago we cleaned all the junk out of our nutrition and are both feeling SO much better! We've cut out processed junk, sodas, all fast & fried foods, almost all sugars & are eating lots of whole healthy foods. Its been amazing how changing a diet around can help with everything from crabby moods to insomnia! I'm sleeping SO well these days! Both of us have also been completely smoke free for a long time now so we're really enjoying all the happy health benefits from that as well!

So I think that's it for me - lots of brief updates but unfortunately not a lot of time for other things. If I'm scarce for a few weeks, its because I'm juggling work, school, gym, hubby, kiddo, sleep & sanity (and loving every minute of it!) but I'll try to be good about updating while I can. I think I'll be updating from my phone a lot more in the future because its easier than trying to update from a computer :-)

Have a great day everyone!