Friday, June 28, 2013

I had fun with the camera today!

Okay peeps, so I had some fun with the camera today - I am noticing some new separation & definition with my biceps and I tried to get some pics of it and ended up playing around with photobucket for a little while. But basically - here's what I saw...note the awesome red arrow! haha!
 photo 5d0707f2-1c21-40aa-90b0-1f1058a5ab46_zpse982307b.jpg
Overall, I think I got some fun pics & I'm gonna post them too!
 photo 02bc67e0-3596-4ca5-a8c4-f21885f43ee0_zps1ede1f6d.jpg

 I absolutely love my shirt! YAY!
 photo 64eb1a53-835c-4154-92e0-32f6917f3a97_zps8f46467b.jpg

Okay, that's enough effing around with the computer. I've got a psychology test today I gotta get ready for


OH - and because I think its f*cking amazing when someone combines bagpipes, leather kilts, mohawks, tattoos, fire & AC/DC...I'm posting this here too! Take 2 mins of your day to enjoy all the badasserythat this Australian guy oozes!

Happy Friday Peeps!

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