Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey everyone! Happy Monday!! Sorry about the brief blog earlier, but I wanted to get that updated before my run today.

So now I have time for an *actual* update! Our weekend was totally awesome! We went out to dinner at a Brazillian grill (meat on sticks!) on Friday night as a date and kept nutrition in line all weekend! Go us! I'm feeling really good and my weight is the lowest that its been in months! Progress is always a good thing!

Saturday we went out and ran some errands - we swung by our comic book shop & got our most recent issues from our box & went to Big 5 and splurged on new yoga mats. We got super squishy ones that are totally awesome. Downside is that they are harder to balance on, but that will train our muscles to work harder :-)

Sunday morning we got up and did about 40 mins of yoga (on our new mats! woot!) and then we made some turkey sausage & peppers for an early lunch, which was damn good. After that we went shopping and I got a new pair of jeans and a fabulous new dress! It was definitely good times! I'll try to get a pic of the new dress sometime this week!

Today's run was totally fabulous! It was my first longer interval so I was a little nervous but excited as well. I really love running and today was perfect! I put on some great music and totally rocked out! I was comfortable the whole time and didn't feel strained at all, which was awesome. Just goes to show how proper training can get you ready for anything!

Warm Up, Run for 20 mins (straight no stopping!) at 5.0, Cool Down

Total Time: 27 minutes
Total Distance: 1.80 miles
Total Calories Burned: 370
Total Steps Taken: 3727

Today after work, I've got some errands to run and then its home to make dinner! Tonight I'm going to make a Red Pineapple Curry (YUM!) I'll be sure to take pictures! *fingers crossed it turns out as yummy as my green curry did!*

In other news before I go, hubby and I are planning to get new tattoos soon! Woot!! Its been so long since either of us have gotten new ink (over a year and a half for me!) that hopefully we'll be able to get something done! A friend of ours just started his own tattoo business, so we might go and check out his set-up soon! We might have to wait until after our vacation, but either way its gonna be awesome!

Total Miles Ran in 2013: 19.81 miles

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