Monday, January 21, 2013

An Update From Me!

Okay - so here's a general update from me! Life has been SUPER busy and I haven't had a lot of time to do much of anything. This past weekend was my hubby's birthday - the old man turned 31! EEP! I took Thursday & Friday off work & we had a great time together! Thursday night we went out to a casino & stayed overnight. We ate at a fabulous tequila bar, won $90 in the casino playing slot machines & had a really relaxing evening being shacked up in our room - sometimes its just nice to get away, even if its just for a night!
Friday we ran around town & got a bunch of errands done. We're revamping our house so we spent the afternoon going to home improvement stores & furniture stores. We ended up picking up some fabulous new bookcases & a really cool wine rack! We also bought some red paint & painted a wall in our living room - its amazing how changing some paint color can totally jazz up a room!
Over the weekend, we hung out with both our families, rented some movies (Pitch Perfect was super fun, but Dredd could have been avoided), went to lunch at a great Brazillian grill & just enjoyed being lazy for a little bit (which only amounted to a few hours of laziness since we were SO busy the rest of the weekend but that's okay) I finished up 2 books over the past few days which puts me at 22 for the month so far - definitely on a good track for that!

Yesterday, I got my haircut & dyed it again since I was getting tired of the red that I'd dyed it around Christmas. I like the way it ended up & I think I'm gonna keep it this way for a while - see the pic below!
As far as health & nutrition goes, this weekend was crazy for food but I was only up about 2.5 pounds this morning from all the eating out we did, so I'm happy. Today is back on track with proper nutrition and it feels good! I'm sticking with a solid 1600 calories and am hoping this will be a good number for a while. We're getting ready to start training for our Warrior Dash in April - so lots of strength training and running will be in our future. We've got a 4-day a week plan that we are super excited about and should be starting the last week in January (would be sooner but I'm still waiting for the book to be shipped to me) We got a basics of the nutrition plan for it, so we're starting that this week & will add the workouts next week. It should be super fun & I can't wait to see what progress I can make in the next few weeks!
So I think that's it for now - here's a pic of my new hair & my new red wall that I took yesterday - other than that, have a great day peeps!

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  1. Ooooh, hair looks awesome! You should share a picture in natural lighting, too! Today I just colored my hair with henna, and I was a little disappointed at how... natural... it ended up looking! I guess I'll have to mix a little more red in next time or something!