Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Strength Circuit 08/18

So my tummy feels a little yucky today - not sure why - but I still got in a decent strength training workout! Tomorrow is back to running and I have 2 days off before another strength workout, so hopefully whatever bug is in my tummy will go away! I am truly looking forward to my run tomorrow - its going to be 25 mins! Yippee!! Can't wait to see how far I go!

Got some clients coming over tonight, so I'll be getting more exercise from that, and the hubby is making turkey tacos for dinner! Yum!

Circuit Strength Training Workout - circuits done as fast as possible with no more than 30 seconds rest between each circuit

Circuit One:
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns - 12 reps at 50lbs
Medium Underhand Grip Pull-downs - 15 reps at 50lbs then held mid-point for 30 seconds
Hamstring Curls - 15 reps at 50lbs
Jumping Lunges - 10 reps on each leg
One Minute Fast High Knees

Circuit Two:
Terry Pulls - 40 reps with resistance band
Standing Lat Pull-downs - 10 reps at 25lbs
Back Kicks with Shoulder Press - 10 reps per leg with 5lb dumbbells
One Minute Fast High Knees

Circuit Three:
Seated Cable Rows - 12 reps at 50 per side on Bowflex
Step Ups - 20 per leg on Step Level 10
One Minute Butt Kicks

Circuit Four:
Incline Bicep Curls - 10 reps at 15lbs each
Pike Crunches (aka Jack Knife) - 25 reps
One Leg Hamstring Curls - 10 reps per leg at 50 pounds
One Minute Butt Kicks

Circuit Five:
Supermans - held midpoint position for 1 minute
Boat Pose - held for 30 seconds
Reverse Plank - held for 1 minute
Jump Rope for 1 minute

Total Time: 34 mins
Total Calories Burned: 255

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