Friday, August 13, 2010

My longest run yet...

I am SO proud of myself! I was really nervous about my run today, but I totally rocked it! Today is the longest I have ran in my adult life (if not my entire life, but I don't remember my exact training in high school). I put on some killer music and ran for a full 20 mins to MCR, Rhianna, VNV Nation, Cascada and some other bad ass songs - gotta love shuffle!

The next run starts intervals again, but they're starting to get longer - I think Sunday's run is 5 minutes, 8 minutes and 5 minutes which should be really fun. I am going to start incorporating at least one day of running outdoors into my routine. Now that I'm getting distances, I have to get used to running inclines and terrain differences - so my running days will change from Mon, Wed & Fri to Sun, Tues & Thurs.

Here's my workout for today (go me!)

Warm Up
Run for 20 mins at 5.5 MPH
Cool Down

Total Time: 30 mins
Total Distance: 2.18 miles
Total Calories Burned: 310

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