Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running Running & Moar Running!

So I got another awesome run in today! I have decided that I am now going for distance instead of time - so instead of running for 25 minutes, I'm running for 3 miles (however long that takes me)

I really pushed it today and ended up having to take a few breaks to walk for about 30 seconds - as my HRM was hanging out around 95% of my MHR. I enjoy pushing myself, but I don't want to cause my heart to give out, so walking was necessary to bring it back down :-D

Today's Run

Warm Up - 5 min brisk walk
Running (with some walking intervals) - 3.16 miles in 36 minutes 54 seconds on all sorts of terrains & inclines
Cool Down - 10 min walk back to the house & stretch out

Total Distance: 3.66 miles (not including warm up)
Total Calories Burned: 607
Total Workout Time: 57 minutes
Average Speed: 4.8 MPH
Top Speed: 6.9 MPH
Total Climb: 138 yards

I'm very proud of myself - it is my goal to run my first 5K in around 30 minutes, so I have a few weeks to shave off 6 minutes from that time. I think I can do it!! :-D

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