Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moar Running!!! Faster!!! Faster!!!

So I got my run in early today - due to some schedule conflicts later today. I got my butt up and made it to the treadmill BEFORE 6am (which was a feat in and of itself). I allowed myself over an hour to workout and change before my shift started at 7. Today's run was a little tough, and I felt wiped out (needed to take a 10 second breather with 6 minutes left, but otherwise ran it all straight - see food blog for my thoughts why) - but when it was over I felt like a rockstar! I was only supposed to run for 25 minutes, but I recovered & decided to run some more and I made it the full 3.1 miles (5K distance)!!!

Today - I can proudly say I ran a 5K on a treadmill in 35 minutes - this includes my 5 mins of warming up at a brisk walk! I am SO proud of myself! Wahoo!!!

I also just got wonderful news from a raffle I entered when the hubby and I were at Sunflower Market this past weekend - I won 3 free spa packages from Planet Beach!! Full Body Massage here I come!!! I have a consultation tomorrow and I can't wait for some relaxation time! Its going to be amazing! I haven't had a massage in over 2 years and desperately need one with all the training I've been doing - and a free one is even better! Wahoo!

So - here's my workout from today:

Warm Up: Brisk Walk at 4.0 MPH (distance 0.32 miles)
Run for 25 minutes (first 10 minutes at 6.0 MPH, last 15 minutes at 5.5 MPH - distance 2.38 miles)
Recovered for 2 minutes at 4.0 MPH
Ran for 3 minutes at 5.0-5.5 MPH (hit 3.1 miles here!)
Cool Down for 5 minutes at Brisk to Slow walk

Total Time for 5K run (warm up included in distance): 35 minutes 20 seconds! Not too shabby for a beginner!

Total Distance covered: 3.36 miles
Total Time: 40 Minutes
Total Calories Burned: 472

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