Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Strength Circuit Training 08/17

Got another awesome strength workout in today! I upped my weights on some of the exercises and knocked out more reps on others than I did a few days ago - so I can definitely tell my body is getting stronger! Go me!

Here's my workout from tonight - done circuit style as fast as possible

Warm Up

Circuit One:
Scorpion Push-Ups - 20 reps
Dumbbell Flys on body ball with Crunches - 10lbs for 10 reps
Leg Extensions - 2 sets of 20 reps at 50 pounds
Jump Squats (till failure) - 35 reps (15 more reps than last time)

Circuit Two:
Decline Dumbbell Press - 10 reps 35lb barbell (upped weight by 5lbs and felt better using bar than bells)
V Cable Flys - 15 reps
Squat Thrusts - 20 reps
Side Lunges - 20 reps (10 per leg)

Circuit Three:
Close Grip Push-Ups (till failure) - 20 reps (5 more than last time)
Plank Ups (till failure) - 10 reps
Jump Squats (till failure) - 40 reps (10 more than last time)
One-Leg Squats - 10 reps per leg
One Minute Jumping Jacks

Circuit Four:
Military Shoulder Press - 8 reps 15lbs each arm
Wood Choppers - 15 reps on each side of body
Knee Tuck Jumps - 10 reps
Static Lunges with Lateral Shoulder Raise - 10 reps on each leg with 5lbs dumbbells
Reverse Crunches - 5 reps
Hanging Abs with a Twist - 10 reps per side

Circuit Five:
30 seconds fast high knees, 30 seconds recovery performed 5 times for 5 minutes total

Total Workout Time: 35 minutes
Total Calories Burned: 300 Calories

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