Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Running Workout 08/24

So today's run was interesting - I still have a nasty blister on the arch of my foot, and it made running today a little difficult. But something interesting happened in the first few minutes of my run, instead of acknowledging my pain, stopping and rescheduling for another day when my foot was better - I sucked it up, turned up the tunes and just kept running! I don't think I would have done that 2 months ago! I did my workout on a treadmill today at work during my 30 min lunch break - so I had to cut my warm up and cool down a little short.

Since I was on a treadmill, I didn't use the incline - but I pushed my speed faster so I can get used to running at higher speeds for longer distances. My goal is to hit 3.1 miles (or 5K) in 30 minutes. Today I ran 2.31 miles in 25 minutes - so I'm close. I'm interested to see how my outdoor runs progress. I really want to push for speed during those workouts too - as I get more conditioned for inclines & terrain changes.

I have a strength training workout planned for this afternoon, and a training session with a client after that - so its gonna be a busy day for fitness!

Here's my workout so far:

Warm Up (consisted of moving around at my desk and bolting across the building to the gym)
Run for 25 minutes at 5.5 MPH
Cool Down (consisted of bolting back to my desk, clocking in from lunch and stretching out here)

Total Time: 30 minutes
Total Calories Burned: 325

This oddly worked out well because it gave me an accurate distance based on only my running time - and not my distance including warm up and cool down. Not sure if I'm going to do Thursday's run on a treadmill or outdoors. I have clients that evening and I have to work later that day, so might have to run at work so that I don't kill myself in the heat.

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