Saturday, August 21, 2010

Strength Circuit Training 08/21

Got up early and did my measurements today! I am back down to 172 (from 173.5 last week) and down 5.5 inches from last week! So I am totally shrinking and putting on muscle! I am losing body fat - and depending on the calculator I use, the Navy/Military BF calculator has me down 1.3% and others have me down about 0.5% - so either way I am dropping body fat. And for only 2 weeks of Making the Cut and running - I'd say that's pretty good.

Took some progress photos that should be up on Spark sometime in the next few days - I am really pleased with my progress and hope to see more downward numbers in the upcoming weeks! I bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday and I can't wait to break them in! They have gel insoles and are SO comfy!!

Anyways, here's my workout from this morning

Done Circuit Style as fast as possible

Circuit One:
Body Ball Push Ups (with 1 foot on each ball, core engaged so body balls don't touch - these are evil!) - 10 reps
Push Ups - 15 reps
Cable Leg Extensions - 10 reps per leg at "30" on bowflex
Step Plyos for One Minute

Circuit Two:
Dumbbell Press on Body Ball - 10 reps with 15lb dumbbells each arm
Half-Crow Push Ups - 5 reps per leg
Harpies - 20 reps
Jump Squats - 10 reps
Warrior Pose with Tricep Press - 30 sec per leg with 5lb dumbbells

Circuit Three:
Dips (till failure) - 20 reps
Hanging Abs - 15 reps
Static Lunges with Lateral Shoulder Raise - 10 reps per leg with 5lb dumbbells
Side Step Plyos for 1 minute

Circuit Four:
Pike Push Ups - 10 reps
Squat and Military Shoulder Press - 15lb dumbbells in each arm for 10 reps
Dropsies - on bowflex bench - 8 reps per leg
Jump Rope for One Minute

Circuit Five:
Bench Dips with feet on body ball (evil! Pure evil!) - 20 reps
Bicycle Crunches - 30 scissors (60 reps)
Plank Twists - 20 per side
Boat Pose held for 30 seconds

Total Time: 35 Minutes
Total Calories: 275

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