Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Indulgences

Alrighty - so I figured a few things out. First, my body can totally handle 1 cheat meal a day. Friday and Saturday I went "off diet" in the evenings and still maintained my weight the next morning. I still slept okay, didn't have tummy troubles, and overall felt awesome.

Sunday was a different story. We had friends stay with us on Saturday night, so Sunday morning we all went out to breakfast. I had a burrito, but didn't finish it all. Then the rest of the day went downhill from there. I made pumpkin & chocolate muffins (around 160 cals a piece but I ate a few of them), shared a bag of those pink & white animal sprinkle cookies with my friend, 2 pieces of pizza and 2 servings of homemade tamale casserole (which was SO good!) So overall, I didn't OVER eat excessively - just lots of sugar and sodium. It was all within calorie range - BUT it made my tummy feel like junk last night!

When I went to bed, it took me almost 2 hours before my tummy stopped freaking out enough to get myself comfortable enough to sleep. Then my sleep was junk as well - we fell asleep with the TV on too loud, so I stayed in that "half asleep" mode for most of the night and didn't sleep restfully. I woke up this morning with some water weight stuck on (about 2 lbs) so I've got some catch up to do today and tomorrow before I can get back on the losing streak.

Today, I just have ZERO appetite and given the way I ate yesterday, I'm just allowing myself to I.F. for the moment. I was running late this morning so I didn't have time to pack food anyways. I figure if I get hungry, I'll head over to the cafe and get a plate of eggs & chile, but for now I'm just trying to get myself properly hydrated again. I'm already starting to feel better and hopefully I'll be back to 100% tomorrow morning.

I'm planning on napping once I get home so that I have enough energy to get through my class today. I think from now on, my "off days" will be more like "off meals". My body handled the 1 meal a day much better than the full day. Since this week is hubby's birthday week - we are planning on a few meals out, so this week I'll do the best I can to stay in line except for those meals and see what happens.

Anyways - that's about it. Its amazing how quickly my body adapted to this nutrition and how quickly it fought back when I ate poorly this weekend. Maybe that's another sign this eating plan is right for me.

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  1. Oooh, I should come by here more often!

    So, I will share the epic "cheat day" that I didn't publish on SP!

    We had the bacon pancakes with lingonberries, but later in the afternoon I got something that felt like hungry, so I had an ENORMOUS salad with salsa and some mayonnaise (makes a great dressing when combined, oddly enough). Then my husband went to see if one of the stores near the base was a brew supply store, and while he was out he picked up some snacks. I said I was in the mood for trail mix. He brought back FOUR BAGS and two boxes each with four pieces of Godiva chocolate. We both munched mindlessly, and slowly but surely, four bags of trail mix were devoured. Oh yeah, he also brought back a six-pack of Brooklyn Winter Lager. Well, Final Fantasy VII was stressing me out, so there went all the beer, and finally at 9pm, hubby and I decided we wanted a real dinner, so we had Bubba burgers on a salad with bacon. Man, oh man. Hubby says it was a good day because it began and ended with bacon.

    My sleep would have been junk, too, had we both not been so wired that we were up until 12:30-1am. Our tummies were making noises all night, and the next morning hubby commented that he would be a lot better off if he could just admit that he can't digest nuts very well. Well, I don't think anyone can digest that many nuts very well! At least it was mostly a lot of nuts and fruits and healthy fats, so while I was nowhere even remotely close to my daily calorie intake, I didn't have a food hangover this morning. That was a small battle won, in my opinion.

    I suppose I should have also commented that I have a problem with wanting to snack while I play video games. Every time I sit down with a Final Fantasy game, the last two days are complete hibernation days where all I want to do is simultaneously eat and play. Gotta figure out how to break that one!