Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Thursday!

Alrighty - so weight is about the same as it was yesterday. Which is good, at least I'm maintaining at this low. Hopefully the maintain is being caused by some water retention (sodium was a little high yesterday so I'm pushing the fluids today and already feeling less bloated) Hopefully I'll see another nice little drop in the scale tomorrow and the day after. We've decided our "off day" will be Sunday this week - so I've got 3 more days to make a good impression on my weight loss

Classes went great yesterday! The schools were fabulous and Curves was killer! Attendance is back up after the holidays, so it makes the classes so much more fun to have more people there. We're also talking about starting up the Saturday morning classes again which is killer - I could totally use the extra workout (since I'm lazy on Saturday mornings now) and the extra money...that was $100 a month from just those classes

My foot is doing okay today - had it wrapped during all my classes yesterday and iced it last night. It was feeling okay this morning so I don't have it wrapped, but I brought my wrap to ice it just in case. I've only got one class after work today, so I'll probably do some cycling at lunch (again) just to help with my burns.

In other news - SO happy tomorrow is payday! Its been a crazy long 2 weeks!! Now that the bike and the credit card are paid off - I've set up a new budget for myself to help get rid of all our other debt. I'm excited and hopefully it will work great! There's going to be a lot of saving going on, so won't exactly have excess money for luxury items - but we're used to working hard and paying off debt.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel...we know we're close to being able to live the lifestyle we want! Now we just have to be a little patient, save a little money, and work a little harder to get there! I'm excited about it! Being debt free, with our killer credit (hubby's has improved SO much since we've been working hard, he's definitely in the mid to high 600s now - even with that stupid respossession on his credit!) Now he's starting to see the benefit to working our tails off as well. I am really proud of us and can't wait to see what the next few months bring! It will be nice to pay off my car too....Having the extra $350 a month NOT going to a car payment will be killer! haha!

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