Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So how's my week going???

Alrighty - I got my 2012 blog posted here as well (I wrote it yesterday on Spark) - so now I'm all caught up on that. But I wanted to post a general "how are things going" blog as well.

Nutrition has been spot on all week and my weight is starting to come back down again. Breakfast this morning was egg whites with turkey sausage and mixed veggies - totally fabulous and really filling! I've lost all the water weight from our "off day" this weekend and have lost around 4lbs total since starting our new plan last week - not too shabby if I do say so myself! I'm loving this nutrition plan and I'm really hoping we both see good results on it. I'm thinking that this week and next are going to be the ones that truly will show if this is working or if I've just dropped water weight and won't drop anything else

I'd love to make my total loss around 7-8lbs before our next "off day" this coming weekend, so I'm definitely hopeful. But at the rate I've been dropping, another 3-4 pounds in 4-5 days isn't too unrealistic. Not sure if our "off day" will be on Saturday or Sunday...we're still trying to plan it out. Either way, measurements and stuff will be taken that morning, so I can track all my progress so far

Hubby has been doing great on his nutrition as well - he's down about 10lbs already! Its amazing how guys can just clean up their nutrition and they drop weight - he's not even working out regularly yet! EEP! Some part of me is kind of jealous about that! Silly women metabolisms!

Class went great last night - I'm thinking that the happy nutrition is definitely showing in my energy levels in class as well! I got a great burn in and felt fabulous after the hour of cardio. The only downside - my foot started bugging me again. I started feeling a little tweak during the second half of class, so I kept things lower impact and made it through it. I rested and took it easy last night. This morning, it still felt a little wonky - not super painful, but I know its there (if that makes any sense) - so I've got it wrapped again just to be safe. I can't afford to cut back on my classes, so I need to take care of it

Anyways - in other news, I'm trying to still figure out how to incorporate more strength training into my routine without exhausting myself. I'd thought that my strength plan a few weeks ago would be enough (with the squats, deads, bench, etc) - but it wasn't...I didn't even get sore (which made me totally mad!) SO what I've decided to do is convert my Kettlebell workouts into iTunes and drop them on my IPOD, bring my kettlebell to work (or just pick up another 10lb one) and do my 20 min kettlebell workouts here. I got more sweat and DOMS from my 20 min workout this past weekend than I've had in a long time, so I'd like to try to keep that up if I can. And if I cut down on the warm up and cool down, I should be able to fit the actual workout into my lunch break here

OH - and I'm reading a biography of a professional cyclist and its FABULOUS! BUT - now I want a spin bike! haha! Or at least to get my Tri-Bike up in running condition, but the weather is still crappy and my schedule isn't accomodating for daytime riding so I couldn't ride it outside anyways.

Okay, so I think that's it for me. Nutrition is going great, sleep is getting much better since I bought my new pillow last week (I love that thing!), foot is still wonky but not totally awful, want to ride my bike, got 2 brand new schools after work today (hope they go well!) and looking forward to the weekend....even though its only Tuesday! haha! It seems like this has been a long 2 weeks...I'm ready for payday again! :-D

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