Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Soreness!!

So after multiple strength training workouts over the past few months of NO soreness (refer to previous rants regarding this) - I have been pleasantly sore for the past 2 days! YAY!! I know its silly for me to get excited about DOMS - but its a rarity for me to find something that hits me hard enough to get me sore these days. I'm sold on these kettlebell workouts! And - when it starts getting easier for me, I just increase the weight on the bell and Voila! instantly harder again!

I love how my body responds to good strength training. I'm already noticing the "after burn" effect on my Bugg burns. Yesterday, even though I only went 6,000 steps, I had 3 hours and 28 mins of activity during the day and burned 3,120 calories! EEP! I'm loving this!! I'm also starting to notice positive changes in my arms - I'm getting my muscle bumps back! Woot!

I'm happy and excited about all of this! Because I'm so sore - weight jumped up a pound over night. Not getting frustrated because I understand why this happened. Today, I'm planning on walking on the treadmill for a break then stretching like crazy to help relieve some of this DOMS. I've got my 3 classes today after work - so no kettlebells for me (no matter how much I want to throw them around today!)

I'll get back to my kettlebells on Thursday & Friday of this week - which will give me 4 days of workouts. Definitely happy with that! I'm thinking of starting to alternate Upper/Lower splits. I'm getting an extra bonus from work this Friday - so I'll be picking up another kettlebell this weekend, just so I don't have to lug mine back and forth between work and the house. Initially I was just going to pick up another 10 lb one, but I'm thinking with my usual rate of progression it might be worth it to pick up one that's a little heavier (or one that has adjustable plates so I can gradually increase) - but those ones are more expensive, so I'm not sure about that just yet. There's a set online that has a 10, 15 and 20lb one for $49 with only $1 shipping...that really might be worth it to ensure there's enough room for progression. Definitely lots to ponder

Hope all is well! I'm off for my eventful Wednesday!! I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight. Stayed up too late watching that fabulous State of the Union address last night :-D

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