Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lazy, Rainy Sunday

Okay - so for some reason, I woke up totally wiped out this morning. We had friends over last night and I stayed up later than I normally do. Weight was up a little bit from eating out yesterday (but that was expected) but I just had zero energy this morning to fare a workout. The sky has been cloudy and overcast all day - so that might have influenced my want to be lazy today. Not sure if I'll get a workout in tonight or just continue to be a lazy brat :-P

Foot was better this morning and I haven't needed to wrap it all day! Yippee! Hubby and I were lazy around the house watching the NCIS marathon until around 11. We hit up Starbucks and I got a very nice Orange Blossom hot tea, then we went to GameStop and we picked up some games for the PS3. Haven't been able to play them yet - as we've been watching the playoff games most of the day (the Denver game is just insane!)

Stopped by the In-Law's house for a bit then headed off to Lowe's as we needed a few things for the house. We dropped off the hubby's car at Firestone for some new tires and then headed back home.

I've been pushing the fluids as much as possible today - without making me feel like a water balloon and it seems to be working. I've been keeping nutrition in line today and hopefully will see another drop before tomorrow. I got 3 new pairs of earrings for the holidays (all hand carved and totally awesome - one bone, one horn and one shell pair!) so I'm trying to decide which one to wear tomorrow :-P

I took some progress pics this morning and really wasn't upset with them at all - which is awesome since I'm up in weight due to eating out yesterday. I'm looking tighter, stronger and denser than before. I definitely don't look like I weigh as much as I do which is fabulous! I'm going to take official measurements & pics again on Saturday morning and see how many changes my body has made in the past 2 weeks.

I'm definitely feeling better, more energetic, tighter and more confident. Clothes are starting to fit well again and things are going really well! Classes are going awesome too! Lots of good things going on! I've got some delightful DOMS from my kettlebell workout yesterday in my inner thighs - so that could also be contributing to the little jump on the scale too.

Either way - looking forward to lots of good things to come this next week! Trying to plan out food to prep for meals so we can pack lunches and stuff. Got some steaks marinating in a nice teriyaki sauce right now for dinner...totally looking forward to that! Yum! haha!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

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