Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back at it...

OY - this weekend was terrible for food! It was the hubby's birthday weekend, so I didn't expect much good nutrition from it anyways, but it was definitely busier (and crazier!) than I originally imagined! Bad nutrition aside - it was a killer weekend! We had such a blast!

Thursday at work, got a call from my mom - she was in town and wanted to meet for lunch after I was off work. So she and I met at Genghis Grill (a mongolian BBQ place) and had a nice lunch together. I loaded up on seafood & veggies, so that meal wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. After my class that night, hubby and I went out to dinner at our favorite Brazilian restaurant (where they walk around with meat on sticks! YUM!) We were both surprised when we didn't eat as much as we normally do there - I guess we're just getting used to eating smaller portions, which is never a bad thing!

Friday morning, hubby slept in and I posted some of my Zumba choreo on Spark. We didn't get out of the house until around 2pm and we went to eat at a new burger joint down by the mall. DUDE it was super yummy!!! As a treat, we each got a shake after lunch - hubby got a chocolate one and I got a chocolate-strawberry one! It was killer!! Then hubby decided he wanted to go up to Santa Fe and do some shopping.

We shopped around town and during the process I found out that my credit rating is a whopping 828!!! Wahoo!!! The guy at the store called my credit "INSANE!" haha!! Once again, just a testament to the bad assery that comes with working hard for what you want. I'm super proud of myself!! Next mission - get hubby's credit insane as well! We can do it!

Anyways, we didn't finish with our shopping until around 830 that night - but after that we met up with my mom and her husband for dinner at a killer new restaurant. I had red chile honey glazed ribs with sweet potato fries - OH it was yummy! I also indulged and had me a fabulous 20oz Marble Red ale (a local brewery that this place had on tap!) Once dinner was over, we headed back home (it was late - after 11, which is totally past my bedtime!)

Saturday morning, we met up with hubby's mom for breakfast before heading back up to Santa Fe (we needed to drop off some paperwork). Once that was finished, we headed to the mall and the outlet mall - hubby bought me a fabulous new Nike T-Shirt that says "Endorphin Junkie" on it!! I love it!! Then we met up with a friend of ours for lunch at a local micro-brewery. I had green chile & bacon cheddar mac & cheese...okay slight indulgence here, but it was damn good! Then we drove back to the house for a relaxing night at home - we were so lazy that later that night we ordered chicken wings & cheezy bread because we didn't feel like driving anymore!

Sunday, we met up with hubby's mom & dad for breakfast then headed back home for a lazy day watching football. I picked up some take out for lunch in the afternoon and we had leftovers for dinner. I got lots done that day - converted my kettlebell workouts and put them on my IPOD and iPhone (so I have no excuse not to do them!), transferred a lot of new Zumba music to my IPOD and got the digital copies of all our Blu-Rays transferred to my IPOD & iPhone too (nothing treats boredom like The Expendables on one's phone!)

Anyways - needless to say weight was up a little bit yesterday morning, but I have already dropped 2lbs of water weight today (and hope to drop more tonight too). Even though I was totally feeling lazy, I brought my 10lb kettlebell to work yesterday and knocked out the Arm & Shoulder workout during my lunch break - it was fabulous! My arms were totally shaking by the end of it!! Since its all a total body workout - my legs have a nice lingering soreness today from all the swings and my arms are pleasantly sore as well! Woot! AND on top of that, I had my Curves Zumba class last night which was super fun too!

Not sure if I'm going to do another kettlebell workout today. I'm kinda sore still from yesterday's kettlebell workout - but I'd really like to get used to regular strength training again (at least the kind that gives me DOMS! haha!) I'm toying with the idea of doing the Chest & Back workout on lunch today...I'm thinking this will be a possibility...especially if I take my lunch a little earlier, that way I've got more time to recover before my class at 230 today. Hmmm....decisions decisions....

Alrighty, I think that's enough rambling for me...back on diet, feeling fabulous, hoping to drop more water weight, contemplating whooping my ass again with the bell and looking forward to classes today (I'm rolling out a new song, so that should be fun!) That's about it for me!

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