Saturday, January 7, 2012

Post #250!!

So today was an "off day" from our new nutrition plan! So far, I'm down about 4lbs already and hubby is down about 8lbs already! Wahoo! Woke up this morning and my foot was feeling okay - so I fared a workout this morning before the hubby woke up.

I wanted to do my Jillian "front" workout, but couldn't find the DVD - so ended up with a kettlebell workout instead. I knocked out the "butt and hips" workout (though it was more of a total body as it involved rows and triceps too) It totally whooped my butt! It felt great! Got the whole thing done in 26 minutes and it felt great. I thought it would be a good idea to start out my "off" day from nutrition with a workout - as it helped motivate me to stay more in line over the course of the day (and I was right)

We went to Twisters for breakfast and got burritos (yum!) Then we ran some errands around town and I picked up God of War for the playstation. Met some friends for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and ate some nachos and a sandwich. After bumming around town for a bit - we all came back home to watch the Saints/Lions playoff game and they can all geek out on the computers. There's currently 4 computers set up in the living room! Woot!

On the way home, the boys picked up Dairy Queen blizzards as a treat for us all - and now I'm so full I can't imagine eating any more tonight. I'm starting to down water to help counter all the sodium I've eaten today and hopefully I'll be able to drop the water weight tomorrow and get back on the losing streak by Monday.

Planning another workout tomorrow - not sure if it will be a Jillian or another Kettlebell (or if I feel ambitious I'll do one in the morning and one in the evening).

In other news, I bought myself a new pillow a few days ago (one of those micro-bead cloud pillows) and I instantly started sleeping better. I think that was one of the big reasons I haven't been sleeping well. Looking forward to some great sleep and this next week on our program

I'll update tomorrow after our workouts! Have a great Saturday peeps!

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