Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ahh DOMS - how I miss you....

Okay - so after my killer circuit workout yesterday, I expected some DOMS...some lingering proof that I kicked my own ass yesterday. Alas, its not there!! I have a smidge of DOMS in my chest & pecs from the bench pressing but that's IT!! UGH!!

I know that its a good thing that my body is in such good shape that it can handle that level of workload, but COME ON!! I'm really getting tired of not getting sore after workouts. Its making me not super excited to do those workouts again (reference back to that little strength program I tried a few weeks ago - no DOMS, then the one I did yesterday - no DOMS) I liked the workout I did yesterday, but if I'm not going to feel the effects of it, then what's the point?? It just seems boring and sucks the fun out of it at that rate

Since the full body workouts aren't doing much for me, I'm honestly thinking that I need to start doing splits to keep myself challenged. I got some decent soreness in my legs after my kettlebell workout a few Saturdays ago - nothing major (like I couldn't walk) but a nice little twinge of soreness that let me know changes were happening.

So now this takes me back to my initial thought of bringing my kettlebell to work (or just buying another 10 lb one and leaving it here) and doing those 20 min workouts during my lunch. I can convert the workouts onto my IPOD (or my iPhone for that matter) and knock them out in the gym at work. I think I'll get better results with the kettlebell splits instead of trying to focus so much on the total body knockouts - since its just not happening for me anymore.

Gotta love my body for being as strong as it is...but when I want to feel stronger, its tough when I can't even make myself sore anymore...*grumble*....conversion of the workouts starts tonight and I'll go out and look for a kettlebell tomorrow afternoon once I'm out of work. Looks like I can get one for about $15-$20 so that's not too bad. I'd rather do that than have to worry about lugging mine around from the house to work all the time. Plus, it never hurts to have an extra one hanging around...

I will have to come up with a workout schedule that works for me. For now I'm thinking 4 days a week (Sunday, Monday, Thursday & Friday) or 5 days a week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). Considering Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my busiest days so far (and Wednesday is the worst) I'd like to have those be my rest days from strength training and Saturdays be a full rest day with nothing - if my Curves classes for Saturday mornings come back, this will be modified. Since I'm doing splits I don't have to worry as much about overtraining. Maybe for the first few weeks I'll do the 4 day workout split and see how that works. If its going well, I'll add the other day. We'll just have to see

Oh well....enough rambling for my 3 classes today, so I'm being supremely lazy at work. Heading out in the next hour or so to start the second half of my day. Its nice that these kiddos like this program so much - it definitely makes my crazy Wednesdays much easier

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