Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Holy cow I feel awesome today! But before I get to today's awesomeness, here's some stuff from yesterday. I rolled out my class at my first school and they had a great time! Then, I went off to my second school only to find the parking lot filled with news cameras, etc. I walk in to the after school program and the coordinator informed me that because the Governor decided to hold a press conference in the school, we had to cancel Zumba for the day (but we rescheduled for Friday)

So I didn't get the second class (and second workout) and went home to ice my foot since it was still bugging me. Hubby came home and we hung out for a little bit, then around 530 I layed down on the couch and just crashed out! I woke up around 7 again and was so groggy that I decided to just crawl into bed and pass out for the night. About 20 mins later, I was out and didn't wake up again until 2am, just to look at the clock and see how much more time I had left to sleep. In all - I think I slept for almost 10 hours last night and it REALLY helped me feel fabulous this morning! Its rare that I'll sleep that well (or that long!) during the work week!

Even with being a total lazy ass last night, I still got a 2700 calorie burn and went 7729 steps - so I'm happy about that! Today's burn is gonna be a huge one since I've got my 3 classes after work today and I might go and ride the recumbent bike on lunch in the gym at work (which I've found is a nice, relaxing break in the day)

Today after my fabulous sleep, I woke up to a nice 2lb drop on the scale (WAHOO!) which tells me that the eating plan we're on is working (and it wasn't just water I'd dropped before!) so I'm totally excited! Can't wait to see how much more I can lose before our off day this weekend (still not sure if its Saturday or Sunday) As I put in a prior blog, I'd love to make my total loss 7-8lbs before heading into the off day, well this morning I hit 6lbs I'm close! I think this is totally possible, especially with at least 3 days left!

My foot is still a little wonky though which isn't a good thing. I don't have it wrapped today, but I brought it along and plan on wrapping it before my classes this afternoon. I'd rather be safe than sorry. I've got all 3 of my classes today - and I'm really looking forward to it! It makes it easier that both schools love the program so much - I am just feeding off their energy!

Also, on a side note, its pajama day at work - which is making me feel totally lazy. I really feel like I want a nap even though I know I'm totally rested!! haha! I'm looking forward to this weekend! It should be totally fabulous! We've got a Packers game on Sunday that should be great and its payday on Friday! Woot!

Okay that's about enough rambling for me...I'm just an energetic ball of energy today! Can't wait for a fabulous day!!

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