Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My goals for 2012 and some pics!

Hey everyone! I hope that the first week of the new year treated you all well! After some thought, I've finally come up with some goals/resolutions for this next year. I did a good job last year with my goals, so now I want to expand on that and continue to grow as a person in 2012.

2011 was a great year for me - but there were some portions of it that were a little difficult. It was an eye-opening year for me to discover my strengths and weaknesses - and now I plan to take everything I learned about myself in 2011 and rock out 2012!

Without further ado, here's my goals for this next year. Note - none of them have anything exact (no numbers, weights, etc) - sometimes the best things you can learn aren't tangible, so I don't want to put limitations on my goals like that

1. Work on loving myself a little more each day

This past year, I had some periods where I was really unhappy with myself. My weight was up, holiday stress was everywhere and I was just grumpy. I turned this into negative talk towards myself which just stressed me out more (talk about a downward spiral, huh?) My self confidence went down the drain and it just wasn't a fun time.

I realized that this is something that I've done for a long time. No matter what size I was, I was always "fat" - even when I was less than 160lbs and wearing a size 4. Being a former victim of eating disorders, my brain is subject to lots of disordered thinking as well - so this is the year I'm going to work on improving that. Shame on me for calling myself things I'd NEVER say to another person. I need to learn to value myself a little more than that

Over the past week, I've gotten my nutrition in line, started sleeping better and started a gratitude journal - where I'll write my daily musings & then at least one thing I'm grateful for. I think this is a good first step in learning to be comfortable with myself. I'm already starting to feel better about myself so this one is off to a good start I think.

This is me today. I know what I weigh (you wouldn't believe me if I told you) and the size my clothes are (6-8 depending on the pants) and you know what - I'm proud of it.

2. Be a better person at the end of the year than I am now

This one is my constant - I do it every year. Whether its financially, emotionally, physically - doesn't matter...just be better. I want to be the best person, wife, friend, sister, trainer, Zumba instructor (this list can be endless) as I can be. As long as I'm better, change is happening. And as long as change is happening, I'm living my life :-)

3. Continue to develop a better relationship with food

To coincide with my "loving myself" resolution - I'm bringing this one back from last year. I've made a lot of progress on this one, but I've still got a long ways to go. I haven't tracked my food since October (since it was making me neurotic) - and I'm finally learning how to listen to myself, which is the lesson I had intended on learning last fall...it just took me a few months to get the hang of it. This one is a work in progress and I can't wait to see what I will learn this next year

4. I want to accomplish things I've never done before (once again - this one is a repeat from last year, but I think its a good one)

Fitness goals are hard for me - since I teach SO many classes a week, its hard for me to do any structured program on my own. So this one is going to remain open - I'll fill in the blanks as the year progresses. Now that the After School program is in full swing again - coordinating any other workouts is tricky. I snuck in a kettlebell workout on Saturday morning and felt awesome. I want to make sure that I take the time to continue to focus on my fitness goals as well, and not just the goals of my students

5. I want to make sure I make time for ME each week

Since my life is so crazy busy, this one is a big one for me this year. I think this will help me out in all aspects of my life (especially with resolution #1). Whether I'm reading a book, painting my nails or just being lazy on the couch - I need to make sure I'm taking time to ground myself each week, just so I don't go crazy. As I stated on a prior blog, I started a GoodReads account and I'm keeping track of each book I read this year. Since I read for fun, this is one of the best ways for me to keep my head on straight. I've already read 2 books this year so far and am starting #3 today

6. Finally donate my hair!

This one was a long time goal from last year. I've got a month or two before I can donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and I'm so excited! This is going to be a great experience! Its been over 2 years since I've dyed my hair, so this resolution has been a long time coming. It will be nice to finally accomplish this one!

Alrighty - I think that's it for me right now. That's a decent set of goals for this year and I'm excited to see how I work to accomplish these over the next year!

In other news, I got 3 new amazing pairs of earrings for the holidays! Since my ears are gauged, its hard for me to find super awesome jewelry - so when I do, I get super excited! All of these are handcarved and made of completely organic and natural materials! Super fabulous!

I got a black pair of wings that are made of horn:

I also got a pair of wing looking earrings made of horn, shell, sterling silver and colored gems. They are stunning and I totally love them! Silly me forgot to snap a picture of them - so for now, you all will have to just imagine them! haha!

The last pair of earrings are my hand carved bone earrings - they're called "rising phoenix" and I love them! I had fun with the camera earlier today, so thus all the fun editing on these pics!


Alrighty everyone - I think that's it for me! I hope you all have had a great first week of 2012!!

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