Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ahh Happy Tuesday!

So yesterday was interesting - I ended up fasting until I got home from work simply because I just wasn't interested in eating (I still felt crappy from the day before) I made it from 330am until 230pm (when I got home). At that point, I figured it would be smart to eat - since I had my Zumba class at Curves last night and I didn't want to risk passing out during it. I made myself some scrambled egg whites with veggies, black beans, turkey sausage and salsa...it was killer!

After eating, I was able to snag a nap for a little bit and it helped me feel SO much better. During my Curves class, the workout felt effortless. I wasn't bogged down - but I was energetic and having a blast (and burned 600 calories in an hour, so that's never a bad thing either!) My foot started acting up a little bit, so I kept it lower impact and managed to make it through class without much of an issue.

Once I got home, I ate some turkey sausage with mustard (don't ask me why, it sounded really good at the time....and it WAS really good! haha) then I relaxed on the couch while hubby and I watched stuff on the DVR. Went to bed around 830pm and slept much better than the night before - so I'm happy about that.

This morning I woke up to around my pre-crap-eating-day weight, which made me happy. I'm only up about 0.8 lbs right now - which really isn't bad. Might see some good progress today and tomorrow.

Today, I just had this OVER excess of energy at work. I had this overwhelming desire to kill myself in the gym (its been a while since I've done that!) Granted, I know I have 2 classes today after work - so I know I couldn't destroy myself too badly - but I wanted to do *something* to get myself moving and help myself feel better.

I took my lunch a little earlier than expected (so I could recover a little longer before class today) and knocked out a killer 20 min circuit workout in the gym at work. I think my arms are gonna be toast tomorrow!

Here's what it looked like - since its the first time I've done this workout, I kept the weights lower on the machines just so that I didn't exhaust myself before the full minute was up...next time I think I can bump them a little higher (I didn't keep counts of exact reps in each segment - but I pushed for over 30 reps within the 60 seconds for each exercise, which totally exhausted my happy muscles!)

Warm Up - walk back to the gym briskly
Bench Press - 10lb dumbbells in each hand - max reps for 60 seconds
Bodyweight squats - max reps in 60 seconds - got parallel or lower every time
Lat Pulldowns - 3rd plate standing up for max reps for 60 seconds
Run on treadmill at 5.5 MPH for 3 minutes (ran 0.26 miles)
Military Press - 10lb dumbbells in each hand - max reps for 60 seconds
Backward Lunges (easier on my knees) alternating legs for 60 seconds
Bicep Curls - 10lb dumbbells in each hand - max reps for 60 seconds
Run on treadmill at 5.5 MPH for 3 minutes (ran 0.26 miles)
Skull Crushers - used one 10lb dumbbell for max reps of 60 seconds
Leg Presses - 6th plate - max reps for 60 seconds
Leg Extensions - 4th plate - max reps for 60 seconds
Full Sit Ups - max reps for 2 minutes
Crunches - max reps for 2 minutes
Cool Down - walk back to my desk :-P

Total Workout Time: 24 minutes
Total Calories Burned: 215 Calories

I would have liked another 3 minutes of running tacked on to the end of this, just to finish me off fully, but I didn't have the time. Maybe next time, I'll cut the Sit Ups & Crunches down to 1 min each and sprint for 2 minutes at the end. Either way it was a fun little workout.

Anyways, now I'm gonna relax and eat my lunch. I've got 2 schools after work today and that should be super fun. *Fingers crossed* for a nice woosh on the scale for tomorrow morning!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

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