Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Ass Hurts (In a good way!)

Happy Thursday everyone!! Its definitely a good day!! Yesterday, I was still super sore from my previous kettlebell workouts on Monday & Tuesday, but I made it through all my classes well! I was super tired after the third class though and my legs were so sore I was waddling like an old lady! haha! After classes, I went home and hung out with the hubby a little bit and prepped some food for today. We've noticed its MUCH easier to stick with our nutrition plan when we prep food & pack the night before, so this will be our plan from now on.

I slept well last night and this morning noticed a little drop on the scale again. Still not as low as it was last week, but I'm not worried because I started the new strength training plan this week and my muscles have been shot since Monday. Once my body gets used to this new workload, I'll drop the extra fluids I've been retaining. I'm thinking this is a great plan so far and I'm really enjoying it!

Today's workout was Butt & Hips - so lots and lots of squats! I was watching in the mirror and made sure to get parallel every time, if not lower. My legs were totally shaking at the end of the workout! Yippee!!! Today's workout also had rows (performed in a lunge position), shoulder presses, tricep dips and rows (while doing squats!) and some abs stuff - so definitely a total body thrashing as well! Love it! Burned 160 cals in 23 mins!

In other news, we are gonna try to do the Saturday morning classes at Curves again in February! Wahoo!! Not only does that mean an extra workout for me, but it also means an extra $100 a month for us! YAY! Plus, even though the hubby is off on weekends now, he doesn't roll out of bed until 11am anyways - and I'll be home from class by then, so we won't lose out on any time together. When it comes to money, every little bit helps, so $100 can go a long way! So this means that I've gotta flip around my workout schedule a little bit to ensure I get a rest day.

Right now, I'm thinking about keeping my kettlebell workouts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (alternating Upper on Mon & Thurs, Lower on Tuesday & Friday). Which means I'll have cardio from Zumba on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday. Friday will only be a Kettlebell day and Sunday will be a full rest day.

I'm thinking this is a nice solid plan that will help me reach my goals. It covers all my classes and ensures I still get my strength training but get a decent amount of rest as well. Also, since I won't be training at home (at least with kettlebells) that means I don't need to buy another set just yet. I can just leave my 10 pounder at work all week and use it for my workouts. I do need to buy some wrist guards for my kettlebells - I've noticed its getting a little painful and it would be nice to have them. Off to Big 5 after work today then!!

OH and a little victory for me - there was a celebration at galore!! I got some lettuce, put a beef patty on top (for hamburgers) and covered it in salsa! Instant lower calorie Taco Salad & MUCH healthier than the Nachos & Chile Dogs they were serving! Go me!

Alrighty, that's about it for me! I hope everyone has a great Thursday! Tomorrow is payday AND I get a bonus check of an extra $360!! Woot!! Definitely good times!!!

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