Friday, April 1, 2011

Operation Bikini - Day One Weigh In

Hey everyone! So after 2 weeks of *literally* eating everything I wanted, today is back on track for the month of April. I didn't wake up with enough time to take progress pics this morning, but I snapped a few in the gym at work and will use those along with my final Vegan pics as a reference point (they are posted below - sorry they're so dark, it was early & the sun wasn't fully up yet!)

After eating EXTREMELY lax for the past 2 weeks, my weight has stuck around 175-177lbs - which isn't bad at all! Today I weighed in at 176.4lbs - which after eating in excess for 2 weeks is fabulous - I am only up 3.6 pounds and half of that (if not more) is probably water weight. Woot!

Current Weight: 176.4lbs, Current Jean Size: 6

Measurements were a little funky - just due to water weight retention, etc. But that will be all the better once I lean out a little more and get the losses I want to see. The areas that I dropped fat (such as my upper thighs) during the Vegan Investigation are still down - which means I really haven't gained a whole lot of fat back during my 2 week binge-fest.

Today has started out well - my coworkers wanted to go out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel - which can usually be devistating to a daily diet. But I ordered off the kids menu, got 2 plain pancakes with sugar free syrup and kept it at 227 calories for the whole meal! Go me!

Since we are going out to dinner tonight, I'm keeping my calorie count low for the workday - I'm sitting at 562 so far and don't plan on eating again until dinner (unless I need a small snack after work). I ran around a mile on the treadmill already for 12 mins of exercise so far and plan on getting in some more exercise later to get my full 30 mins - not sure if I'm going to run, or put in one of my 20 min DVD workouts, we'll have to see what I have time for.

I'm trying to be proactive today and tomorrow with my exercise and hitting my calorie counts since we are going out to dinner at 2 of our favorite restaurants (where I totally tend to stuff myself silly!) to ensure that I don't wreck myself nutritionally in these 2 days. Hopefully it will work out.

I'll be updating this regularly (probably daily, but I'm not making any promises). Measurements & new photos will come on April 15th when we are halfway through our challenge. I think its hilarious that one of the busiest & toughest weekends for this challenge is the FIRST one for me! EEK! I guess that just means good things will come in the future.

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