Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy Tuesday Leads To Sleepy Wednesday!

Wow yesterday was busy - worked my normal shift, had dentist appointment (my teeth look great!) then went straight to my Zumba class. Didn't have time to relax at home like I usually do. After class, I snuggled with the hubby while watching "Mean Girls" on the couch since I hadn't seen him ALL day. Ended up staying up later than I wanted too - but it wasn't too bad since I started my new hours at work today. I'm coming in an hour later than I was before and I'm hoping it will be good for my sleep schedule.

Today begins my countdown to D-Day....I started watching my nutrition last night and the scale dropped to a nice 175.6 this morning. I was expecting to feel a little leaner after dropping 2lbs overnight but I still feel squishy, so I'm actually thinking I might have dropped more fat during the past few weeks and water weight is hiding it all! Need to go grocery shopping soon to re-stock the house with diet friendly foods. I haven't had time to prep food for lunches, so I've been eating on the run the past few days.

Got a mile ran earlier today and it felt good. Knees are still a little wonky so I had to take it slower than normal (around 11 min mile pace) but it still felt good. At least I got the mile in! I have class tonight, so I don't think I'm going to run any more today. Also - note to self: I need to put my running shoes in the car so they're always available. I can't afford to ruin my knees to maintain my sanity - my jobs depend on my knees functioning well. After work, I plan on starting the Spring into Shape Bootcamp workouts on Spark - they are quick 10 mins strength training workouts which I think will fit into my busy schedule easily over the next few weeks. The goal is 10 mins of ST 7 days a week and 5 days of cardio (which I already do thanks to my classes) so I'm looking forward to just the little change up in my normal routine.

Tracking on my food blog will start today - been taking photos of everything I'm eating and will update with Day 1 either tonight or tomorrow. I want to include my Bugg burns on a daily basis - but those might be updated the following day to ensure accuracy with my deficits. Goals are around 1800 cals a day - hopefully this will be met!!!

I think that's it - I feel drowsy today and my schedule feels off - but that's to be expected when changing shifts. I'm thinking this one will work great. Hubby should start his new shift in a few days and then this will work a little better. It was hard having him get up at his normal time and me getting up later (I used to wake up before he did).

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 18 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 2686 Calories GONE!

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