Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feeling Human Again!

So last night wasn't as vegan as I wanted it to be - life got crazy & busy and half my dinner was vegan. Weight was the same as the day prior - so that's good. Hoping its going to balance out a bit today. Today has been 100% vegan and I feel fabulous! I'm really happy with my decision to take control of my nutrition and I'm excited to take this to a whole new level of awesome!

In sticking vegan today, I've only eaten 377 cals today so far and I'm NOT hungry!! I am planning on eating 1 cup of pasta & sauce here in a little bit just to get my cal count up to 564 - but its nice to know I'm staying within a nice nutrition count and NOT starving or being cranky.

I am not really hopeful about many changes in the weigh in on Friday - especially since I've changed my nutrition halfway through the week - but who knows. I might be pleasantly surprised. If I don't see changes, I won't be upset - It will just be more motivation to ROCK the results by the 30th!

Alrighty, not much else to talk about - kind of put everything out there yesterday, so not much else is going on right now. I've been keeping up with my 30 mins of fitness a day - yesterday was just easy walking & elliptical (my body was just thrashed and needed to recoup). Today I have Zumba and am really looking forward to it - our SlipOns came in, so I'm hoping for some very happy knees and hips when I'm done with the workout tonight! Woot!

So today's self discovery topic is - Someone who made your life hell

Lord knows there's a few choice people out there in the world who tried to make my life hell - and they did cause me a lot of annoyance & unnecessary stress. They don't deserve any additional thoughts. However, the only person who can truly make my life hell is myself. I have let myself be less than I deserve in the past and now that's all changed. I'm stronger than I ever have been and no longer allow other people to treat me like hell - I'm better than that. No one has power over me except for myself. With those that I care about, I've created true and genuine relationships with - we are equals and hold no power over the other

However, I've noticed that sometimes my own demons will come up and attempt to sabotage all my hard work. I realize that if I don't allow other people to treat me this way, then why would I allow me to do it to myself?? It makes no sense and so I'm working hard every day to stop being so negative in my life - so far its working out well :-D

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