Friday, April 8, 2011

Operation Bikini - Week 1 Done and Self Discovery Day 4

So the first week of April is over - and THANK THE GODS!!! OY this has been a crazy week! Overall, the weigh in went well, but I feel like I've been lax about my nutrition a little more than I wanted this week. The hubby and I went out to eat last night and on Wednesday - and I kept it within calorie counts, but my sodium was super high both days - so I didn't see a lot of weight changes over the past few days & I feel squishy (like I'm retaining water) YUCK! Hopefully that will fall off soon.

Starting weight was around 176.4 last week and today I was 173.6 - considering I've been relaxed on nutrition for most of the week, I definitely can't complain about those results! I am thinking about tweaking the nutrition calculations just a little bit - there are some days where I burn a TON of calories - yesterday, for example, was a 2700 calorie burn day, and 1400-1600 calories can be a little low for days like that (I was ravenous all day and so it was hard to stay within range, but I hit 1600 cals). So I think I'm just going to practice eating within a healthy range - if I go over one day, I'll balance the next. Overall this is about seeing changes in the mirror, tape measure & scale - I'm not here to starve myself. So with that being said - my initial calculation of 1400-1600 calories a day is out the window!!! I'm eating for health, that's all

I've been getting at least 30 mins of exercise every day which has been awesome! Yesterday, the hubby and I did a great kickboxing workout together! We were totally having a blast! I'm going to be keeping up those workouts with him 4 days a week, which is going to be super fun! I'm really looking forward to it!!

This weekend is weekend 2 of 3 of Birthday Parties for the month - so hopefully it will go well! We have a birthday lunch on both Saturday & Sunday - eek! Nutrition might be off, but once again - this is now about trying not to freak out! Next weekend isn't looking much better either - we already have a birthday party scheduled on the 16th too!!! Whew!!! Busy times indeed!! Official measurements, progress pics & weigh in happens on the 15th - so that's definitely some motivation to keep myself in line between now and then - but life is certainly staying busy!!!!

I hope you all are having an awesome April!!! I'm having a good one and even if Operation Bikini isn't turning out exactly like I wanted - I'm still seeing results, managing a healthy lifestyle and having a blast with my friends while doing it!! I'd say that's a success - even if I'm not hitting EVERYTHING I'd planned for.

So today is Self Discovery Day 4 and the topic is Something you have to forgive someone for:

I think of all the things that have been done to me over the years that may or may not have been hurt by - and I've been working on letting a lot of things go over the past few years. I still hold animosity towards my biological father & my ex-step dad, but I don't think that will ever change. Those feelings have evolved from frustration & anger to just more of a mild annoyance right now - so I've made progress there and don't necessarily think any additional meditation is required on the issue. Beyond that, I am a pretty forgiving person - I really don't hold grudges. Sure, there are plenty of people that piss me off - but allowing myself to hold onto those negative feelings is simply giving them power that they don't deserve, so I just don't do it anymore. Life is simply too good (and too busy) to waste time being frustrated with other people.

So the answer to my question is - no one. I don't HAVE to forgive anyone for anything right now. Any minor feelings of annoyance are a natural human reaction I have towards people that have bugged me in the past - this doesn't require deep thought or letting go. I've made a point to surround myself with good people and anyone that matters in my life has never done anything so severe that it requires forgiveness, except for myself of course (reference yesterdays blog).

Alrighty peeps - Happy Friday!!! I hope you all have a great day!! I know I'm looking forward to it!!!

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