Thursday, April 14, 2011

YAY!!!! Pretty New Presents!!!!

Hey everyone!!! So yesterday was awesome!! I only worked a half day at work (and am only working half days today and tomorrow as well! Woot!) Once I was out of work, I ran to Whole Foods, stocked up on some yummy vegan Larabars (I love those things!) and headed over to go visit my good friend Logan to continue working on my backpiece!!! We had a blast! I was there from 10am until I had to leave for my class at 530ish and we had over 5 hours of line time! Woot!

Here's the stencil:

And here's the right side - totally finished. The lining alone took 2 hours per side!

We didn't have time to fully finish the left side - but we got it lined and I'm going back in next week to finish it up!

I think it looks AMAZING!!! The piece is finally coming together and I couldn't be happier!!! I was expecting a jump on the scale this morning - healing wounds, crappy sleep, etc - but it was right around 174.4! Nice!!! Driving is a pain since I can't lean back in my chair & I had to rig myself a workable bra since this one falls right along the bra strap line - but its working well so far!

I'm personally not expecting the greatest weigh in tomorrow, and taking measurements is going to be really tricky with fresh ink, but I'll do my best - I'll be happy if I'm down from my initial weigh in which was around 176 - I'm not expecting any miracles right now. Also, I signed up for a virtual 5K this week that I have yet to run (I have until Saturday). Thankfully, I signed up for the run/walk portion of it - so I should be okay to walk it. I might see about postponing it by about 2 weeks to let my back fully heal though - its going to be put through enough strain by trying to keep up with my Zumba classes. Yesterday after being tattooed, I had my usual Wednesday class - I ran them through a circuit and I just took it easy with the twisting. I got a few hundred calories burned - but nothing major.

So other than that - here's my Self Discovery blog for the day -

Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know

Hmm - this one is a toughie. The hubby and I have worked really hard to ensure that we have a solid group of true friends. So I don't really have anyone that I wish I didn't know. Granted, just due to past drama there are people that I wish would cease to exist - but that's a whole different story.

Okay, I think that's about it for me. Now time to hobble around for a few days until my back heals up!

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