Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maintaining Sanity...

Hey everyone - so yesterday, I did my best to keep everything in line. I didn't have time to pack a lunch before work, so I had to eat out of restaurants & our cafe at work. On the way home, I was really craving a sandwich from Arby's, so I stopped and picked up dinner (since I hadn't eaten Vegan all day, I figured it wouldn't be too bad). I ended up around 1700 cals intake yesterday and 2681 cal burn. Weight is sitting right at 176 due to water weight, etc.

Life is pretty stressful right now and I'm just learning new ways of dealing with it. Yesterday I ran....and today I plan on running some more (this would already be done, but I didn't wear sneakers to work - I wore flip flops). I'm having to force myself to deal with the kind of people that I really try to not be around (self-motivated, greedy, insensitive and any other negative adjective I can think of). I don't have a choice - I have to work around people like this, and its really frustrating. This is why I'm working so hard to be able to work for myself - I'm tired of dealing with crap like this.

I have decided to start up running workouts for myself on a regular basis. I need the energy release that it provides to help me maintain my sanity in situations I can't control. I have Zumba tonight - should be super fun and I'm looking forward to it! Also, I need to adjust the settings on my BodyBugg. I initially set it up for a "sedentary" person because I wanted to see what my burn was when I did NOTHING. Now that I know that, I need to adjust it for a more active person - because I'm teaching crazy classes & moving much more than the average person does. That being said, I think my calorie count will be increasing as well. Part of me is tempted to start eating around maintenance on workout days (which is 1900 cals) and using my workouts to create whatever deficit I have...just a thought...not sure if I'll do it yet though. Its hella hard to eat 1900 cals worth of healthy vegan food - I'll be eating my body weight in veggies on a daily basis! haha!

On to better news, I literally just got off the phone about this - I have an interview on Monday with the instructor at a new dance studio! I am really excited (this is the one I tried to talk myself out of a few weeks ago - I'm not a dancer, I am not worthy, etc) so I'm really happy I didn't let myself talk myself out of it :-)

The owner sounds really nice and she asked me to prepare around 5 mins of instructional dance so she can see how I lead. I'm definitely nervous, but looking forward to it for sure. Hopefully this will go well! I need some happy news right now!!

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  1. I'm sorry it's been so bad at work.
    I'd be curious to know what the Bugg says when you change to active person. You are definitely not sedentary.
    Yay for the interview!!! Good luck!! You may not be a dancer but if you can teach Zumba you're a hell of a lot closer than I am.