Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 4 DONE!!

Whew! It took a TON of motivation to hop on the treadmill today. Since I wasn't running at work (indoors & air conditioned) and I didn't get my butt up super early to run before it got warm (I was enjoying my lazy morning) I got the joy of running on the treadmill in my hot garage at 145pm in the afternoon. Probably not the brightest thing ever - but its done and I'm happy that I finished it. The last 5 minutes were definitely a push, but I maintained my speeds of 6.5 MPH the whole time - so I am happy! I think next Sunday I'm going to get up when my hubby does (around 6am) and get my run done then - just so its not too hot. I think that might work out a lot better than trying to run in the heat of the day in the middle of July in the desert.

Since I'm not getting a ton of activity, I might actually walk on the treadmill a little bit this afternoon (but no more running due to the heat) just to get my calorie burns & movement up a little higher. Its almost 3pm and I'm only at around 1500 calories burned. With my goal of 2450 calories a day, I think I need to move around a little more today

Nutrition has been good the past few days - definitely the best weekend I've had in a while! It might not have been perfect, but its better than it has been recently. Yesterday we went to Jason's Deli and Cold Stone for ice cream with some friends. I managed to fit in a Beefeater sandwich & a "Love It" ice cream with Black Cherries into my calorie count for the day! Water weight is a little up (about 3lbs) due to some extra sodium and lack of fiber - even though I've hit my calorie counts, but I've been pushing fluids for the past few days and hopefully I will drop it back down. I'm really looking forward to my weigh in this week! I'm really shooting for around 174lbs - which would be about a 2lb loss since my last weigh in. I think that's really do-able. Hopefully it will work out well!!! Dinner tonight is some homemade slow-cooker Goulash that I'm going to serve over some whole wheat pasta. Its been in the slow cooker for about 3 hours now and it smells SOOO yummy! I hope it turns out well!!

My new Zumba gear is here and its SUPER cute!! I purposefully bought everything in a size Medium (since it seems like I'm in between sizes anyways) - which is additional motivation to hit my first goal of dropping 10lbs. Their sizes are definitely made for dancers - so they run really small. I got 2 new sports bras, 3 new tanks (including 2 for Zumbatomic), some super cute aqua blue leggings (that match both my sports bras), a Zumbatomic baseball hat & some bracelets - all for around $95 - so I'm super stoked. I also got a pair of pewter grey Zumba Wonder Capri Cargos that are super fantastic as well - I like them so much I am going to order them in black tomorrow too!

My dance studio is running a weight loss challenge for the next 8 weeks for our students and me and a few other instructors are participating as well. Granted we can't win any of the prizes - but it will definitely help to stay motivated and accountable for the next 2 months. Today I'm going to prep some whole wheat pasta & rice to make it easier to pack my lunches over the next few days!

I think that's about it for me! Now off to go prep some food and veg out for the rest of the afternoon!!!

W4D3 Workout:
Warm Up for 5 minutes
Run for 3 Minutes at 6.5 MPH
Recover for 90 Seconds at 3.5 MPH
Run for 5 Minutes at 6.5 MPH
Recover for 2 Minutes at 3.5 MPH
Run for 3 Minutes at 6.5 MPH
Recover for 90 Seconds at 3.5 MPH
Run for 5 Minutes at 6.5 MPH
Cool Down for 5 minutes

Total Distance Traveled: 2.52 miles
Total Workout Time: 32 minutes
Total Calorie Burn: 335 Calories

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 61.02 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 8,782 Calories GONE

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