Monday, July 18, 2011


OMG - today's run was a complete 180 from yesterdays run!!! I feel SOO good after my first run of Week 6!!! Words cannot describe how much better I feel today and I'm totally jazzed and ready to do it again! Now I'm even more energized to get my treadmill indoors at the house so I can feel like this every time I run! I was really tempted to skip ahead to the end of the week workout and run for 25 mins straight - to truly prove that yesterday's run was just really crappy and that I really can do better. However, I talked myself out of it, reminded myself to "trust the program" and rocked out today's run (all of which were at my usual pace of 6.5 MPH!). Now - as usual, I can't wait for my run on Wednesday!!! SOOO EXCITED!!!!

I really don't have much to update about. Nutrition was good all weekend - up a little bit in water weight but weighed in at 175lbs this morning so definitely not bad for surviving a weekend! I had a craving for pancakes yesterday - so we all made pancakes for dinner! It was super fun - but caused that slight jump in the scale. I'm definitely not worried though since I stayed within calorie counts!

I think I am going to take the next 3 days to have a slight diet break. I've been dieting for a few weeks straight and I think 3 days of eating at a normal calorie range will do me some good. I made sure to eat a bigger breakfast today and I think that helped make a difference in my run today - so I think a few days of eating around maintenance will do good. Hopefully my weight won't shoot up too high! haha!

I think that's about it! I'm going to run again later today since I don't have Zumba tonight and I'll update once I do! I want to make sure I get my burns & steps as high as I can considering I'll be eating semi-indulgently over the next few days. Hope you all are having a good day!

W6D1 Workout
Warm Up
Run for 5 Minutes at 6.5 MPH
Recover for 3 Minutes at 3.5 MPH
Run for 8 Minutes at 6.5 MPH
Recover for 3 Minutes at 3.5 MPH
Run for 5 Minutes at 6.5 MPH
Cool Down

Total Distance Traveled: 2.32 miles
Total Workout Time: 34 mins
Total Calories Burned: 330

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 75.12 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 10,782 Calories GONE

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