Friday, July 22, 2011

Excess Food, Size 6 Jeans, Weight Loss & LSRs

Alrighty everyone - I realize I've been a slacker and haven't posted in here in a few days, so here's my well deserved update. This week has definitely been awesome! I've been watching the Tour De France and totally geeking out about that - I just love watching crazy feats of endurance!!! It also makes me want to buy a bike...maybe that will be a present to myself once all the debt is paid off. I have a mountain bike, but I don't have a road bike - so this might be the next present to myself...

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off work as a surprise to the hubby and I also decided to take a few days off from dieting while we enjoyed our time off - which was super nice. From Monday night to Thursday morning I ate whatever I wanted and it totally was totally fun, which included Blizzards (I ate TWO over the 3 days! haha!), pasta, nachos, egg white omelettes (filled with veggies!), pumpkin muffins, Brazilian Grill....that's all I can remember now...there was lots of food! haha!! My weight was up to 179.8lbs yesterday morning - but I dropped all the water weight and was back down to 174.2lbs this morning! Woot! Gotta love that WOOSH feeling!

In the middle of my food frenzy, we went shopping and I found a killer sale on jeans (I found $50 Levi's on sale for $19.99 at Kohl's!). Normally Jeans + excess food squish don't mix very well, but I felt brave and figured I'd try a pair on! The last time I bought a pair of Levi's (earlier this year) I was perfectly in a size 8, so I grabbed a size 6 (just to see) and OMG they fit like a glove!!! They are perfect and SO comfy!! I guess if this doesn't prove that I'm making progress, I don't know what will! My other jeans are starting to fit looser as well - so all this totally makes me happy! OH - and I also tried on a pair of the Reebok ReFlex shoes....those are AMAZING!!! The next $90 I get to spare, I'm totally picking up a pair of those!!

The plan for now is to stay on track until next weekend - I'd love to make some progress and hopefully hit my first 10lb goal before my birthday. I'm only about 3lbs away now, so I think this is totally possible, especially if I'm still holding a little bit of water weight from the past 3 days. I'll hop on the scale tomorrow and see what happens - if I have dropped any more weight this week, I'll update my ticker on Spark, but official weigh in won't happen until next Saturday.

Running training is going well. I've been struggling in my workouts due to the heat, but hopefully I'll adapt pretty soon! We got the treadmill moved indoors, but I really think I need to buy a little fan to clip onto it - I just feel totally UGH if the air isn't moving around me when I run so I think this will really help. I've got a 25 min run this weekend, and I think instead of doing a 25 min run at 6.0+ MPH - which is my expected workout, my body is longing for a LSR - a long, slow, exhausting run at whatever speeds it wants to.

I am really tempted to slow my pace down, not really care about hitting my numbers and just run as long as I want. Part of the joy of running for me is just going - no stress about time, pace, heat, etc - just enjoying the process - which is sometimes lost when I'm pushing so hard for a certain time.

Yesterday, I felt yucky, so I didn't get any running done at work but I did have Zumba last night so I got a good workout in. I think my body was telling me that it wanted to rest and today I feel much better! I slowed it down on the treadmill today and just knocked out a mile at a nice easy 5.5 MPH and I feel incredible afterwards! Initially it felt odd to run that slowly again, but once I got used to it I could totally have kept going at that pace and I really think this is what I'll do for my run on Sunday. I just really enjoyed it, relaxed into the run and had a fabulous time - which definitely helps me re-discover my love for running, even if it wasn't as fast as I've been training for.

Overall things are good - got a busy weekend coming up and hopefully nutrition will stay in line throughout the weekend! I'll update after my workout on Sunday - so I might be scarce for a few days (unless I run on my own at home) I'm determined to hit my 10lb lost goal by my birthday (and if I'm super lucky I might see the 160s again!) so I don't think it will be hard to stay on track!

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 81.72 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 11,759 Calories GONE

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