Monday, July 25, 2011

Another LSR totally made my day!

So today was another running day and it was amazing! However, it was a long ass Monday at work and I felt yucky for most of the day (gotta love crap eating from yesterday to make me feel terrible today). I didn't really feel like eating dinner, so I ate popcorn for dinner and that's really about all I can handle right now. I've been trying to drink water but I don't know if I'll drop a lot of weight tonight like my typical wooshes. It might take me a few days to catch up from the food-fest of this weekend but that's okay. I just want to start feeling better...ugh....I guess green chile cheese fries & Buffalo Wild Wings in the same day wasn't the best of ideas - but the food was damn good! haha

So after my client tonight and my popcorn dinner, I hopped on the treadmill for another running day. I kept it at 5.0 MPH again the whole time and easily made it through the 5K run. I was able to keep an easy conversation with the hubby the whole time (we were watching America's Got Talent - so we talked about it while I worked out) My legs were a little tired at the end but I figured that's because I have just ran two 5K distances two days in a row - which is something I've NEVER done before. I've always allowed for a rest day in between so today was a good push. I will give myself a good roll out on the foam roller once I'm done with this blog. I was tempted to pick up my pace for the last mile or to keep running longer than the 5K distance - but I didn't want to absolutely destroy my legs so I didn't. Speedwork training will happen on Wednesday and I am totally excited about it! I'm thinking about doing a 5/5 split (5 mins at a speedy run and 5 mins at my 5.0 speed for recovery) throughout the 5K distance, or a full 40 mins - not sure yet but it should be super fun.

It should be absolutely awesome and I can't wait! Things are going well and I am really pleased with my progress. Today is one of those days where I truly feel like I am working towards my goals and it feels damn good. I am definitely happy right now! Hopefully I'll get a good night's sleep after that one. These LSRs are truly doing wonders for my training program and my mentality. I still feel like crap because of my tummy, but the run definitely helped me feel little better

Workout of the Day - Week 7 #1
Warm Up - 5 minutes (0.25 distance)
Run for full 5K distance at solid 12/min mile pace - 5.0 on treadmill (3.12 miles)
Cool Down for 7 minutes

Total Distance Traveled: 3.75 miles (but only tracking the run like I did yesterday)
Total Calories burned: 540 Calories
Total Workout Time: 50 Minutes

Total Miles Ran in 2011: 87.96 Miles
Total Calories Burned "Running From My Issues": 12,859 Calories GONE

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