Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 15 - Monday Again..and some ramblings...

Hey there everyone! Monday was MUCH better than Sunday was. I got back on track and am feeling good again. Scale was back down to 177.6lbs this morning, so I'm hopefully on the losing streak.

In other news, I've been growing restless over the past few days and need an outlet for all my stored up energy. I feel like I am getting comfortable with my workout schedule of fitness classes and now am ready to add my own workouts & fitness goals back into my schedule. The hubby and I talked about this last night and he's worried about me falling back into old habits such as over training & under eating. I had to assure him that this time around, I am consistently eating & taking care of myself and that even though I am training others, I shouldn't have to put my fitness goals on hold to do it. I truly miss the feeling of a good butt kicking in a workout and I am itching for a killer workout right now.

The other thing is that I am in the middle of the Vegan Investigation - which initially started out as only a nutritional adaptation. I wanted to keep everything else the same so that any changes I go through can be attributed to the changes in nutrition, and not because I added a crazy workout schedule (I vented thoroughly about this on my other blog yesterday - www.fitnesswithhillary.blogspot.com).

I am conflicted because I wanted to keep this a nutritional change only & not change my workouts - but I feel like I am SOO ready to intensify my workouts again and I want to use all this extra energy to my advantage. Anyways, I looked through my workout programs last night and I think I have a good one that I can start soon. I might start that up this week and just say "eff it" because it will only help to amplify any changes that are occurring with going Vegan. I think I have seen good enough results over the first half of this adventure to prove that the nutritional changes are working.

So with that being said, I'm updating my workout plan and hopefully going to start today or tomorrow. It will be a 4 day workout split so I won't be working out excessively and I will be doing a great split of cardio & strength training. I am tempted to bring clothes to work out in so that I can get the workouts done on my lunch breaks at work - but I don't know if that will happen. I have all the equipment I need at home, it just seems that afternoon workouts don't always pan out the way I want them to. Something always seems to come up. If I can just consolidate the workouts and get them done on my downtime at work - this will only work out in my favor. Plus, I'll have more recovery time between my workouts and when I teach my fitness classes after work.

Anyways - enough rambling - fitness plan changes will be coming soon, because I fear for my sanity if they don't. Other than that, vegan is going great and hopefully getting back on the losing streak & see some progress again!

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