Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vegan Day 27!

Yesterday was an awesome day! It was the first Saturday morning class at Curves and it was a HUGE success! We had a blast! I used my weighted shakers and really gave my arms & shoulders a decent workout! Then I drove to Rhinos and had a Zumba class and kickboxing there - they both went great! Doing 3 workouts was definitely awesome and I felt great! The new shoulder piece held up nicely during the workouts! According to my digital display, I burned over 3,000 calories yesterday (wowza!) and had over 16,000 steps! That definitely helped get rid of some of that extra sodium bloat I've been carrying around for the past few days.

After that, I met up with some of my girlfriends and went shopping around Coronado mall. We haven't had a girl day in a really long time and it was fabulous! Given the fact that I couldn't try anything on (due to the fact that my shoulders are all goopy from the aquaphor that's on them), I had to eyeball all my purchases - but I think I got some super cute things! I stepped out of my normal comfort zone and picked out a really cute black dress (I'm not usually a dress person), 7 fabulous new tanks & t-shirts, lotion and eye shadow from Victoria's Secret, a new book from Borders and a really pretty new necklace (and I only spent $55 on all of it!). I was thrilled.

Then we met up with all the boys (my hubby & the other halfs of the women I was shopping with) and we went to Buca Di Beppo for a great dinner out. It was really nice to have a dinner out with friends, my hubby and still keep it vegan. I had a glass of red wine, the house bread with vinegar to dunk it in (I skip the olive oil since I don't really like it anyways), and spaghetti marinara for dinner. It was fabulous and I had enough left overs to eat today. I didn't mind indulging a little bit at dinner - It only put my calorie intake around 2,000 for the day - which still made for a fabulous deficit! Woot! I think from now on, my "cheat" meals will happen on Saturdays - since I've got all the workouts to offset them

Today is my last day of going Vegan. I can't believe how crazy of a month it has been. Since getting my new tattoo, my weight has been all over the place - but I'm confident that I'll hit my goal of 10lbs for the month (I am close but don't think I'll hit the 160s - I ate out too much this week and my body is retaining water like crazy because of my self inflicted "wound"! haha!).

I am hoping to incorporate a lot of the things I've learned and hopefully get comfortably back into the 160s within the next few weeks. I plan on using this next week as a "refeed" week to slowly reintroduce myself to the foods that I've cut out of my diet. First on the list will be cheese (since I've been craving it for weeks! haha!) Nachos will be tomorrow and I might indulge in some of the Girl Scout cookies that have been hiding in my freezer since they were delivered 2 weeks ago! Mmmmm Tagalongs & Thin Mints!! My hubby has been so considerate and stayed away from his boxes of Samoas while I couldn't eat them - he's such a good man!

Measurements will happen tomorrow morning and then we will see how everything goes. I'd really like to get photos taken tomorrow too but we'll have to see. Maybe I'll take them this afternoon instead so that I'm not trying to take pictures at 3am - that's just too early for anyone to look decent in a picture! haha! Either way, they will get done! Yippee!

Also, I have decided to keep up this blog for at least a few weeks after the Vegan Investigation is over. I want to document my reintegration into the world of Omni nutrition and track how my body reacts to different foods. There may not be daily updates, but I will be posting regularly how different foods react to me again.

Anyways, today is daylight savings, and I hate losing an hour. I feel like I am running late ALL the time even if I'm not. Time to go shower and make some breakfast before heading off to Zumba! Have a great day everyone!

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