Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vegan Day 22 - Happy Monday Again!

So yesterday was once again a typical Monday - crazy busy and mildly overwhelming - but I survived with flying colors! Yesterday in the middle of the work day, I just craved some quiet time (which is hard to find when you work in a Call Center - there's noise EVERYWHERE!) - so I went and hid in the only place that I can find some time to myself where no one else can be found....the gym. Even if I didn't work out, its just a nice quiet place to escape from the work day. I learned that the lat pulldown machine makes for a relaxing lounge chair! haha!


Food was great yesterday - kept my fluids up and dropped all the excess water weight I put on over the weekend. I wasn't really too hungry again around dinner time, so I ended up eating a bowl of cereal with almond milk before I went to bed. Calories were a little low, but considering how much I went over some days this past week, I didn't mind them being too off.

Today is Day 23 and I have my Curves workouts tonight! I'll also hopefully hear back from the woman in Placitas as to if they want me to pick up those classes out there so I am hopeful for that indeed! With how fast the water weight fell off, I am hopeful that I might actually see the 160s by the end of this. I have 6 days to make as big of an impact as I can - I am so stoked to do this! Woot!

Now I am off in search of my morning caffiene - I need to wake up a little bit! haha! Hope you all have a great day!

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