Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 16 - definitely odd...

Hey there everyone - I made it through day 16 fabulously, but it was an odd day indeed. When we got home from work, the hubby and I prepped some more food to get us through the rest of the week. He was helping me cut some cantaloupe and he accidentally sliced the hell out of one of his fingers! I felt so bad I almost cried! It wasn't enough to go to the hospital, but it took a really long time to stop bleeding! Poor guy! I still feel bad about it and joked that that's the last time he helps me prep food in the kitchen (even though he is a significantly better cook than I am)!

After I made sure he wasn't going to bleed out in the kitchen, I prepped all our grapes, made some new whole wheat pasta with Classico sauce for my lunches and made pinto beans in the crock pot for tacos & stuff. I'm set for yummy food over the next few days! We did run out of diet sodas today though and I need to pick up more of those - I need my caffiene in the mornings or I am one cranky woman!

Thankfully all of my excess water weight from all the indulgent food this weekend was gone when I woke up yesterday morning. So even though I woke up to a nice 177.6lbs in the morning, by the end of the afternoon I felt bloated, fat & squishy - which was not a good feeling to go to class on. I hopped on the scale and it read 178 before my class, so I wasn't bloated on food or anything. I made it through my Zumba class last night and felt a little better afterwards, but still felt squishy...UGH...not a happy feeling!

This morning when I woke up, I realized why. When you are dropping fat and the fat cells loose their nutrients, they fill with water before releasing the fluids and shrinking to their new size - which can cause a yucky squishy water bloated feeling. I experienced the joy of this yesterday and woke up to a fabulous 175lbs this morning (the lowest I've been in a long time!) and an unusual craving for cereal. I'm definitely happy about that...the weight loss, not the cereal - however I did eat some cinnamon fiber plus with almond milk for breakfast this morning to shut that craving up!

I am going to start a new strength training workout today that will be 3X a week. I am going to split up the workouts so hopefully I can get them all done on my breaks & lunch at work (since we have a gym here) so that I don't interfere with the little free time I have. Right now, I am planning on having these workouts be on Wednesday, Friday & Sunday with all my other workouts during the week. Monday will be my full rest day. I will blog in my workout journal ( all the fun details about the workout today. I am excited to get started! I am sure my weight loss might stall for a few days while my body adapts to heavier lifting again - but hopefully it won't be too bad! I'm going to keep moving & stretching and pushing fluids, so hopefully the excess glycogen & water stores won't add up to much!

Anyways, I'm out to enjoy Day 17 - Happy Wednesday everyone! Have a great day!

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