Friday, March 4, 2011

And Now The Workouts Stop...

So I am still fabulously sore from the strength training I did on Wednesday. I love the feeling of knowing that I really pushed my muscles to a new level. But unfortunately, for the best interests of my body & my sanity the strength training workouts need to stop after only one workout *sniff sniff*

Yesterday - in the afternoon, I got an email from a woman in Placitas who wants me to teach Zumba classes out there 2 days a week in the afternoons so I am thrilled to be able to pick those up! ALSO, I got the Saturday classes at my Curves location! Woot! So that means that hopefully within the next 2 weeks, I'll be adding 3 more classes/workouts into my schedule (for hopefully around an extra $300 a month if not more! woot!)

So with that being said - I recently added 3 workouts to my schedule to keep myself in shape (my strength training workouts) - and now I need to add an additional 3 classes to my schedule for work for a total of 6 additional workouts a week on top of the ones I'm already doing. Initially, I only added the 3 as I didn't want to push myself too hard too fast - I don't think I want to see what would happen if I added 3 additional workouts to this new workout schedule. Needless to say, the strength training has to be put on hold until I can get myself adjusted to this new schedule. Plus I don't want to burn myself out. So - with that being said, my strength training workouts are ending after only 1 workout (unfortunately) - but I think the trade off is going to be worth it. The hubby and I can really use the extra money to help us pay off some bills.

So to get my strength training in as well, I will start incorporating the use of weighted gloves & hand weights into my Zumba in the Circuit workouts. I am already getting myself a good bodyweight workout with the choreography I've designed and I've been noticing some nice body changes due to keeping my nutrition in line the past few weeks, but now I just want to add a little bit of resistance training too. Also, Zumba created heavier versions of their current hand weights - I might have to pick those up as a gift to myself to make sure that I am getting the most out of my workouts in my classes. (update - I just bought them and they should be here Wednesday!)

Anyways, if I get scarce for a while and don't update too regularly, its because I'm now teaching 9 fitness classes a week, working 40 hours at my day job, training clients and trying to have a life with my husband!


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