Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 17 - survived! Woot!

Wow, I can't believe I have less than 2 weeks left of this adventure! The past few weeks have really flown by! So after my rant about not working out enough, I started a new workout plan yesterday and it felt awesome. I haven't hit the weights in a while and it was truly needed. My legs & upper back are nice and sore today and I'm really enjoying the feeling like I'm pushing myself again. I blogged about that workout on my Workout Journal ( if you wanted to see what I did to work out.

Yesterday was a little odd in the fact that my brain was just functioning kind of slow - my body had energy but my brain just wasn't 100% working the way it normally does yesterday (which is usually racing - I'm convinced I have undiagnosed Adult ADD). I just felt like I never fully woke up in the morning. I got enough sleep, drank enough caffiene, ate enough calories - yet I still had issues functioning. It just felt like I was on auto-pilot for most of the day. I am not too happy about this as it usually is a precursor for an oncoming illness, however I refuse to get sick right now. I am pushing fluids consistently, forcing myself to sleep and rest and eating healthier than I have in a while - getting sick isn't an option! haha!

Food-wise, I hit a calorie count of 1450ish yesterday which is good considering I had my first weight training workout and a Zumba workout last night. As expected, the soreness caused a little jump in the scale this morning - was at 175.8 up from 175 the morning before. Today is a rest day from lifting and I have Zumba at Curves tonight which is always awesome.

Hopefully the soreness will go away over the next few days and I'll be good for a weigh in on Sunday morning. I might have to weigh in earlier (again) due to plans we have this weekend. My mommy might be coming down and we might be going out to eat, so I don't want my numbers to be messed up from excess water weight if we go out. Either way, a weigh in will happen between tomorrow and Monday.

I've also noticed that packing my vegan lunches for work is becoming much more automatic than it was the first week - its not as difficult to accept the food I am eating. It just is what it is. Its definitely becoming more routine than it was over the first few weeks - and the foods I pack are easy to transition into my normal diet once this month is over. The only thing I still have regular cravings for is cheese - other than that, I'm really not missing the animal products as much as I had expected to. People have been asking me what the first thing I will eat when I am transitioning back to Omni and my answer has been Nachos! haha! Its hard living in the southwest and not eating cheese :-)

Anyways, Day 17 went well and today is Day 18 - definitely looking forward to the upcoming weekend! My head is feeling clearer today however I woke up this morning thinking that today was Friday - so it was a tough realization when I noticed it was actually Thursday! GIR! haha!

Hope you all have a great day!

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