Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey there everyone, its been a while since I updated this thing and with good reason. The only workouts I'm doing are those in my fitness classes I'm teaching, so it kind of seems unnecessary to update on the status of regular classes. Right now, I am doing classes Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - so Mondays & Fridays are the only rest days I have. I've been watching my burns for these workouts and I burn at least 400 calories an hour leading all these classes - which puts me at a damn decent deficit throughout the week.

I am also currently doing the Vegan Investigation - which is 4 weeks of a Vegan lifestyle to notice any positive or negative changes (if you wanna follow that go to I purposefully didn't change up my workout plan during this as I want to be able to attribute any changes to the nutritional adaptations, and not due to amping up my workouts. I wanted the only change to be nutritional, but I'm starting to go a little stir crazy.

However, with 2 weeks left of the Vegan Investigation - I am feeling a little restless. I've been catching myself thinking quite regularly about doing another round of Insanity, a P90X or ChaLean Extreme/Insanity Hybrid, purchasing new MMA workouts - basically ANYTHING to kick my ass at the moment. I feel like I have adapted well to teaching 6 fitness classes a week (which might turn to 7 classes a week *finger crossed* - that's an extra $100 a month if I am able to do it!). Now I am ready to challenge myself physically to get myself to the next level. I miss the soreness that comes from a kick ass workout - I haven't felt that in a while, even though I'm dropping inches and weight.

This past week was the first time since last October that I've weighed in at less than 177 pounds! I'm hoping to keep up the downward trend! We are planning a trip in late May/early June that is going to require a bikini and I know that I already look decent in one - but I want to look the best I can

My other issue is time. I work a 40 hr/week job plus training clients & teaching my fitness classes - I don't exactly have the time to devote to a workout. If I workout in the afternoons after work & before classes, I run the risk of not having the strength to dance through my workouts and having sore legs. Plus, the few hours between work and classes are sometimes the only time I get to spend with my hubby in a day - I don't want to cut down that time even lower than it already is. The only other option is getting up before my shift in the morning and working out before work. OY the idea of an alarm clock at 230am just doesn't sound appealing, but right now I'm not seeing many other options.

I really don't know what to do right now. I might add some quick circuit workouts just to get me through the next 2 weeks. Once the Vegan Investigation is over, then I can really make a decision and hit the workouts hard. I'm totally ready to kick my ass into gear and look fabulous - the nutrition is finally in line again and now comes the workouts. Hopefully it will be an awesome combination - and hopefully the circuit workouts will be enough to maintain my sanity for the next 2 weeks. I don't want to do anything to mess up the results of the Vegan trials!

More updates will come soon! Once I figure out a plan then everything will work itself out from there and I will regularly update!

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