Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting Ready To Go Vegan!!!

So today I went to the store and stocked up on all my foodz for the week! I am totally excited!! I found some amazing fruit, 110 calorie vegan bagels (with 8g of fiber!), whole wheat pasta and lots of other fabulous looking food. Tomorrow or Sunday, I will cook up my lunches for the work week so that I am prepared for everything starting on Monday.

Part of this Investigation is proving that one can go vegan on a budget. Today I bought a whole cart full of goodies and at least a weeks worth of food for $75.88. Granted, the hubby will probably also eat lots of the fruit & veggies that I bought, but I figure that $75 for a week or two worth of food isn't bad! If one were eating for only one person and didn't have multiple people to feed, I can easily see the food lasting for almost 2 weeks.


I also did an official weigh-in this morning and was still at 179.5 and all measurements were the same as 2 weeks ago. Its nice to know that I haven't gained weight and I've maintained over the past few weeks craziness. I am going to use these numbers (and prior progress photos I took at around 182lbs) as my beginning stats and weigh in every Friday over the course of the Vegan Investigation. This weekend I have plans both Saturday and Sunday to splurge a little bit on food and so I am thoroughly planning on up a few pounds in water weight come Monday, but I should definitely be able to take it off for the next week's weigh in on Friday.

OH - I also realized that I hadn't mentioned my workout plans. I am going to continue teaching my fitness classes 5 days a week and was thinking about incorporating in quick 30 min strength training circuits 4 days a week to help tone up a smidge. However, I wanted to keep things as similar as possible to my Omni diet - so that most of the changes can be attributed to the change in nutrition and not a change in fitness routine.

I also bought my "goal" outfit this week and it should be here on Monday. Zumba makes these fabulous halter sports bra tops that their instructors can wear and its been my goal for a while to get in shape enough to wear one of them to my classes. I'm still a little too squishy to have a bare midriff during my Zumba classes - so that is now my goal! So I finally broke down and bought one from Zumba to have something to work towards! Do I think that 30 days on a vegan diet will give me the abs I seek? No - but I am hoping to cut a lot of unnecessary body fat and hopefully get myself closer to my goals.

Okay, now it is time to head off to bed, I've been up since 330am and I am totally wiped out. Have a good night everyone!

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  1. Hopefully you'll be wearing that Zumba top in no time!!